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Can you Metamagic Subtle Spell and cast Hex, or any material requirement spell without being noticed out of combat?

Content of the article: "Can you Metamagic Subtle Spell and cast Hex, or any material requirement spell without being noticed out of combat?"

For context:

Subtle Spell allows you to use 1 sorcerry point and skip the V,S requirements of a spell.

Hex: V, S, M (the petrified eye of a newt)

Distort Value: V

Sorcerror walks into a blacksmith shop with his hands in his pockets. he has a petrified eye of a newt in his pocket which is the Hex spell Material Component.

Sorcerror greets the Blacksmith and Subtle casts Hex on him and his Intelligence. Now Blacksmith has dissadvantage on INT checks for the next hour as long as Sorcerror maintains concetration, which he does. Would you allow this? The Material is in his pocket unseen and he is unbound from the Verbal or Somatic gestures. Seems like all he has to do is touch it and not move or speak.

Sorcerror proceeds to check a staff and subtle casts Distort value on it. "What is this Sh*t?" he says. "Oh, let me look at that" says the blacksmith and make intelligence check with dissadvantage. Fails to see the illusion.

Sorcerror offers to buy the staff at half price and not tell anyone about the questionable quality of goods in the blacksmiths shop. DM decides wether or not to give him the item, thats not the issue here.

The question is in regard to the Hex cast. Do you think the Material has any reason to be waved around or be visible?

EDIT2: Final concensus seems to be that a spell that is SM acts as SM even if you Subtle cast it. So even though you dont need to make the hand movements to cast the spell, you still need to make them to handle the material and thus you are visibly casting a spell.

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Its as good as the answer can get because otherwise the case would be whats described in Edit1.


After reading all the comments and listening to the feedback, here is the hivemind concensus:

XGtE has a clear rule about perceiving spells being cast which states that all Material cast spells are perceived regardless of shape or size of the material.

It is RAW that everyone in the world has innate detect magic at a range equal to any spell cast with a Material Component by anyone.

This ability is only active when a Material Component is used and not in any other type of spellcasting.

How this works exactly is up to the DM's whim at the moment.

Therefore not only can you not Subtle cast Hex, but by RAW you will also notify every single living creature in a 90ft radius that you just cast something even if you never Spoke or Moved.

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