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Casual brainstorm for a homebrew world.

Hello everyone, I'm here for just some friendly brainstorming. I'll illustrate where I currently stand and the one small gap I have that I would like to discuss, and would otherwise like any constructive feedback if you have any. This is just some fun, creative writing time where we can all share ideas, so let's keep the positive vibes flowing. Please enjoy my weird story here, or don't, either is acceptable.

So to start off, this is my first campaign, and I have made (and am of course, continuing to build) a homebrew world. So far our sessions have gone reasonably well, and we are about to really start getting into the story since the players are finally done getting their feet wet. It has been made so that my players can experience this brand new world for them to explore; and more importantly to understand how this world works through their characters' journeys.

To get to the point, the beginning of the world-building super lore is as follows (it's homebrew, so bear with me because it's a significant amount of explaning, but tolerable):

It was a very typical medieval fantasy setting from its initial creation, magic, monsters, dragons, the works. That was- until some point in time (5000 years before the campaign started), a meteor of sorts being hurled through space collided with the planet, causing absolute destruction across most of the world, and the almost the annihilation of humanity. Thankfully, humanity, civilization, and other life have been rebuilding themselves gradually over the millennia, back roughly to where they last were. This event is almost entirely not known of by the people who currently exist in the world, and to those who know of it, it's referred to as "The Great Quake."

What's special about this event, is not the destruction that was caused by the collision, but what came with it, literally. For some reason yet to fully be determined, this large meteorite carried entities with it from a far, far away place. These entities are manifestations of each existing fundamental element in the worlds. I speak not of fire, earth, water, etc.

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They are Balance, Vitality, Light, Heart (Emotion), Mystery, Creativity, Order, and Spirit (I am separating the idea of 'spirit' and 'soul,' where a soul is the normal, individual inner essence; a spirit is when souls have a specific connection to each other). And no, these are not gods, however after my players complete the story of the campaign far in the future, any future campaigns will additionally be able to use any of the Eight similarly to a divine, natural, and arcane presence for the sake of divine, natural, and arcane magic since they have the ability to emulate such magics.

Eight forces that create the foundations of the world. The way it's written, everything and anything that exists is made up of some amount of these elements. And another important note is that someone or something being filled with darkness is actually just an absence of Light – this logic goes for each of the eight elements.

Now that this is understood about the Eight, there was one issue, where most of the main plot stems from. The Eight had their own conflict which involved one more of these 'entities' like themselves, but not quite the same. This foreign, villainous entity was wreaking havoc across another world . This paragraph is one part of the lore I may want to tidy up a bit.

The Eight, noticing this, obviously decided to retaliate for the sake of the other worlds that they could save. However, the confrontation between the Eight and The Ninth caught the Eight by surprise after encountering it at the end of a world it had consumed. The Ninth had grown far beyond what the rest thought was capable, and a such it put up a very strong fight. Down to the last strands of life for all of them, they realized The Ninth would end them and there would be nothing left to stop it. As a last resort, they gathered up their lasts remnants of power, and together they sacrificed themselves to hopefully lock away 'the ninth' even at the cost of their own lives.

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It was… so close to working. All of the nine entities were bound (or something) to the last remnants of this world as it was hurled through space. And eventually it made its way towards my world, and collided, causing The Great Quake and affecting the landscape and stuff.

With their final action, it caused a piece of each of them to create a new element: Sacrifice, of which this new entity is actually made up of each of the Eight, with their remains to be rescued by the players or something during the story. They would need all of their remains to confront The Ninth. And I'm calling them "remains" specifically because the title of the campaign is called, "All That Remains," alluding to what's left from The Eight and The Ninth. The Ninth had a fraction of itself remain from that fateful encounter, and resides far beneath the surface of the world to regrow and one day return to its mission it had set out to complete.

Fast forward 5000 years, and traces of The Ninth begin to reveal themselves. The Ninth acts like an infection to the world, and slowly consumes what it can at the cost of whatever would stand in its way. The players have no knowledge of any of this yet, but have seen one result of this. They've seen a 'black lake of necrotic energy' which is of course is actually The Ninth spreading its malice and evil through the world from the middle of it. While not quite erupting like a volcano, some of these 'lakes' have been spotted in recent months, which is where the campaign's premise started. I have much more practical, people-to-people reasons for the party to eventually understand the situation as the campaign progresses though, so they aren't just thrown into this mess.

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And this is where I finally stop blathering on about my lore, and see what the community thinks. Thank you for reading, I'll be in the comments chatting and, in return, attempting to also give any of my own constructive feedback to anyone who also seeks any for themself.


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