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Caught DM cheating and I think I’m done as a player

Content of the article: "Caught DM cheating and I think I’m done as a player"

I posted a short while ago about a fluster-cluck that happened at the table over rolling for stats. We discussed it as a group and the table decided I should keep stats as is as I would end up being the groups tank. Two sessions in and I’ve been getting beat to hell. It’s kinda a joke as everyone expected me to be strong, yet everything hits me and only through some clever moments am I even still alive. Still mostly having fun, although the angst from the problem player and dm is still often uncomfortable. We took a break during a game, and during that time a friend came to visit so our seats at the table shifted slightly, pushing me towards the dm. Next fight I could actually see the roll results a lot of the time. Then a critical hit came through, supposedly a 24 to hit. Except I can see the 2 on the die. At this point I realise that my terrible luck these last sessions has actually been dm cheating and that makes me angry. I cover the die with a glass before he could touch it and challenge him on it. He continues to lie, despite the table being able to see the 2 through the glass.

Long story short, we confront them and eventually get the truth, and everyone but the problem player quits then and there.

I find that now I don’t know if I can become a player again. I’ve always trusted when bad luck happens it was simply the dice, but now, not sure if I’ll have that voice calling bullshit on every bad thing to happen to the party.

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I think I’ll go back to dming for a while.

Has anyone else had similar experiences, and if so, how did you get back into trusting the game?

Edit: thanks for some of the solutions and commiserations guys. Perhaps I should try a different dm before giving up and turning back dm myself. I think it’s just a reflex for me, when someone does something terrible, I want to do it, and do it well, sort of in spite of them. (Probably not the healthiest outlook on life haha)

Mildly concerned that a couple people seem ok with this as ‘DMs can’t cheat,’ but that just means I should be cautious in finding my next dm.

Lastly. Is open rolling as fun as the suspense of it hidden? I love some of those moments after a particularly important roll when everyone is hanging on the result. The tensions just so high, hoping and praying/coming up with plan b,c,d on the fly just in case.

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