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Character about to be arrested for murder, will result in inconvenient splitting of the party

We had a drow monk who entered a fighting tournament in the UFC(Ultimate Fighting Circle). She ended up fighting an elf with poisoned daggers, who was about to kill her. So, since I didn't want her character to die in session 1 because of Wil Wheaton dice rolls(Seriously, did my entire party contract the Wheaton curse beforehand? They all rolled like shit the entire session), so I unleashed a direwolf into the arena to attack the elf and buy time for me to think of something.

The rest of the party showed up to the UFC in the meantime and, seeing what was happening in the arena, decided to intervene. They all got down into the arena and began fighting the direwolf, who had just finished killing the poison dagger elf and was wounded. There were 5 PCs, including the one who the elf downed. This should have been an easy, or at least manageable fight for the party. I was even going to send in squid monsters to attack them after flooding the arena. However, as I said earlier, they couldn't roll above a 10 to save their lives and the direwolf rolled really well. He should've gone to Vegas that day. I hate roll fudging and I did all of my rolls in the open anyway. So, they concluded that the only way they could survive was if they escaped the arena. However, because there was a stone overhang going the whole way around it, they couldn't just climb out.

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So, our fire genasi fighter fired an arrow with a rope attached to it into the stands, in order to get the arrow lodged in a seat to climb out. However, an audience member failed his DEX save, and took the arrow to the gut. The fighter also did more than enough damage to kill him, since he was just a commoner. So, after the party escaped the arena, the guards converged on them and I ended the session on a cliffhanger. The guards are going to, at a minimum, arrest the genasi fighter for murder(or manslaughter, if he can persuade them it was accidental). But, thousands of people, including the guards, saw him do it. This is a very open and shut case. The guards, right now, are mostly interested in the fighter, and don't care a lot about the rest of the party. However, I'm worried that the party will just ditch him if he goes to jail and won't even attempt a rescue, since they just met. So, I have no idea how to keep the party together in this situation. I can maybe arrest all of them on the grounds of, "Well, none of you should have been in that arena anyway." and then they can do a jail break together. The problem is, that doesn't apply to the drow monk, who was a legitimate contestant in the tournament, and had every right to be there doing what she was doing.

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I could just have the genasi fighter roll up a new character who can be attached to the party without those issues and let his old character be executed. Maybe when they're all in jail except for the drow monk, I can appeal to the monk's gratitude for them saving her life, but this has a high chance of failure. Maybe I can have the direwolf, who escaped in the chaos, come back and save the fighter. It became very affectionate towards the party at the end.

I'm not sure what to do. I have about a week to figure it out.

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