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Character creation in future editions.

Content of the article: "Character creation in future editions."

I'm making this post as I'm just wondering about peoples opinions of how characters are designed in 5e, including race, backgrounds, feats, and classes. And if they're not satisfied with it, how it should be done differently.

TL;DR: 5e character design stifled. Opinion for solutions. Both floating and fixed racial ASIs, feats automatically as part of levelling on top of asi's, class design changed to allow subclasses to overwrite base class features.

One topic I've seen talked about a lot recently is the character creation/class system of DnD 5e, and everything spinning off that. Though it's successfully been made simple and easy to understand, many including myself dislike the limitations this has imposed on character design.

Though the upcoming book does go some way to alleviate this with the class variants system, it still falls a long way short of alternate game systems such as Pathfinder 2e which has an incredibly satisfying character creation system.

My personal thoughts on how it should have been done:

  • Race/ancestry; I do see peoples issues with certain species having ability scores which pigeonhole people into certain classes. However I also enjoy how it makes certain species play differently. A potential solution could instead be one fixed and one free ability score increase, giving some of both worlds.
  • aasimar/tieflings/genasi should be an additional template to put on any species, as has been done with pathfinder. It opens up a lot of interesting stuff such as celestial lizardfolk.
  • feats should automatically be given on certain level ups, instead of having to choose between a feat and an asi, which is almost always better. The current systems means that many of the worse feats remain untouched despite providing flavour.
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The class system: 5e has tried to keep things simple and cut down the number of classes drastically, instead focusing on subclasses, This wouldn't have been a problem if subclasses provided a large gameplay change, but instead with the odd exception they're relatively minor. This means that if you want to play something like one of the classes from older editions, you're out of luck as a subclass won't be able to create the same feel.

  • If there are a large amount of classes, then subclasses could be minor things like they currently are.
  • If the number of classes is low, subclasses should be able to completely overwrite some of the main classes features and provide large gameplay changes to how they play. For example a warlord fighter subclass sacrificing extra attacks in return for the class features its known for. Or swordmage losing the many attacks in order to become a half caster with spellstrike. Or a witch subclass for warlock which doesn't get access to invocations, but instead gets a hex list to pick from.

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