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Character Direction Opinions?

So as a background, my 4 players have all agreed to share creative control of some of their characters backstory with me. Each of the 4 characters are being molded into "Scions" of different forces, which would overtime grant them additional abilities and feats.

The four members of my party are…

  1. A Drow Ranger. This player always plays an elf ranger, so we agree to the spin that she would be a drow, as in the world my campaign is in there is much less of a stigma. Her father not only ruled the Drow, but unknown to her was actually trained to become a Scion (but never did complete it). Her character is very interested in undoing much of the harm her father has done to the world and to her people, and becomes a Scion of Light. Basically she would undergo the angellic transformation from Grimhollow, and possibly a few other low level light oriented spells.

  2. A Water Genasi Bard. This player is brand new, and uncertain of her character. We agreed to take the often cringed at amnesia route because her characters personality is based on the now (she awoke on an island, then became a pirate, then a legitimate sailor, all without knowledge or interest in her past. She's here to adventure first and learn later). Predictably, the character trying to fit them into Scion rolls will try to put her into the Water roll. I'm not certain how exactly this will be executed, but I have the beginning of a story line where she gains a couple Warlock levels under a Djinn (Marid) Patron, realizes how evil he is, and somehow manages to absorb a portion of his power.

  3. A Goliath Fighter. This player picked a history for their character of tragedy with his true parents dying, then his foster parents, and then his whole village. With the title "Thrice-Orphaned", death follows him around. To that end, he is actually selected by the natural force of death itself as its Scion. At lower progression, when he reaches 0 hit points, his character as a reaction casts a varient of the darkness spell centered on himself. He gets heightened stats (right now its barbarian features up to his fighter level) and temporary hitpoints but until he has progressed further, he is no longer in control of himself and will relentlessly attack whatever living thing is closest. When the darkness spell fades his hitpoints drop back to 0 immediately.

  4. A Warforged Artificer. Warforged are different in this world as well, he specifically was built just by a tinkerer to his knowledge. He goes rogue from his purpose for a life of self indulgence (primarily to gather wealth for no general purpose being having wealth). He gains a tiefling ally who guides him to the adventuring party and grants him enhancements as he levels up (the first one was a wrist augmentation that gave him access to the dragonborns breath weapon, he has to find the Tiefling if he ever wanted to change the damage type until his artificer level is higher). Initially it will be unknown, but he is the Scion of Order, and it is revealed later in the story that he and his tiefling ally (which turns out to just be a magical disguise) and both specially made from the split core of a Secundus. He'll have the option eventually to convert to being a Secundus Modron but would have to make a new character. (Alternatively he and the party could try to kill the primus, with either himself of the tiefling becoming the new Primus. Again, if he became a force of the Modron he'd lose the character to the machinations of the planes and have to make a new one but it'd be a cool ending).

For 2 of my 4 players this is a first real campaign, and this is my first time DMing. I don't care much about balance, I'm more interested in just giving them a great experience and letting them feel epic through being basically forces of nature at high level. I'd love to hear any thoughts.


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