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Character is more charismatic than I am… help.

Content of the article: "Character is more charismatic than I am… help."

Hi all!

Bit of backstory — I've been playing D&D since November last year, have been in 5 campaigns/dungeons, am currently running my first campaign and am part of 2.

In this current campaign that we're playing (Hoard of the Dragon Queen + Rise of Tiamat), I play a tabaxi monk (way of shadow) and we're currently level 15. We just had a 'council' with the metallic dragons and I was really excited. I've been trying to get into more active roleplaying lately to spice up my interest in the character.

So during this council, we had to convince a bunch of metallic dragons to join our cause. My character is supposed to be pretty charismatic (16). Not amazing, but above average. However, I really struggle. English isn't my first language and although I consider myself to be near-native, I've found it incredibly difficult to say things the way I would like to, especially when under pressure and improvising.

As a monk, I already struggle a bit with feeling 'useless' in battle. I've tried to pick up all the little tricks, accepting not being a frontliner, and more of a support fighter. Now, with the social aspects of the game, I'm really, really struggling. I simply can't get the words out in the way I would like to and it's making both the character (and me) feel incredibly useless to the party. I just start rambling and keep trying to fix it and it just makes it worse.

I find that I do quite well with the improvising when I'm running my own campaign. My NPCs are charismatic as hell and my players have let me know that they find them engaging. However, with this specific character… I just can't figure it out.

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I love this character and her backstory, but sometimes I get the feeling that the backstory doesn't matter/the other players don't care/etc. So basically, the question is, do you have any advice for someone who's character is more charismatic than the player? And just general roleplaying advice for a campaign that leans towards combat, but where roleplaying is still encouraged?

TLDR; I am not as charismatic as my character, I play a monk, and despite having picked up all kinds of tricks, I still feel useless to the party both in combat and in social roleplay situations. Help.

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