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Character suggested homebrew help

I have a player that wants to make a blue dragonborn zealot barbarian (starting at lvl 5) that’s taken a varient called “ravenite” which gives him a once per short or long rest reaction attack. His character dreams of being a knight, so I’m already anticipating him also multi-classing into paladin when he gets the stats for it. And, i’m okay with this. You cant cast smite during a rage, so i’m not worried about that.

My issue comes with that he also wants to homebrew breath weapon uses equal to his con mod.

I first told him “no, I’m a new gm and I’d rather you not combine all those things because at late levels, i’m afraid you’re going to be a one man army.”

He took offense and then started arguing his point/trying to bargain with me to making it half his con mod, to now restore on a long rest only.

I told him I’d think about it.

I come from a player background in an older group where meta gaming and powergaming were almost always guaranteed at the table. I never liked how easy it made the game, and how frustrating I saw it being on whoever was running the game, so I definitely don’t want it in my game.

This is my first long campaign and I plan on running it to late levels with my players, and learning more along the way.

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Realistically, assuming he took ideal stats, how powergame-y is this build actually? It feels like it to me once the player hits 10-15, but i’m just not sure.

Also, how would you work with this build to mitigate some of its problems if you did find it being an issue?

*edit: wow, you guys are quick!! Thankyou so much for letting me know that barbs can in-fact smite and rage at the same time. I seriously hadnt even thought to look it up because I thought “oh, smite burns a spellslot on use, that must mean it gets treated like a normal spell”

To those telling me to only use vanilla, yes. I’m doing my best to stick to that. Except for one plot related thing. I let one of my other players use a sub class from unearthed because it dovetailed so beautifully with my plot and his desire to be a pyromancer type character. And I’ve known this player for years so I trust him and his style not to abuse it.

Thank you guys so so so so much for helping me!

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