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Christmas Came Early

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Backstory: another player in the party has been requesting a Christmas episode, jokingly, since December. Our DM gave us a Christmas special in our Avernus campaign and we just beat the boss, Zariel’s Claws (ZC)

Party lvl 8: Human Eldritch Knightlock, Human Divination Wizard, Halfling Thief Rogue, and Firbolg Death Cleric (me)

ZC is trying to freeze over Avernus and take it as his own using a magical amulet to cause a massive blizzard while smuggling imps to the material plane to get children to sell over their souls

We get to his factory, passing as building inspectors while the rogue steals the amulet on a large pedestal in the center

3 Nat 20s on acrobatics to climb up to the pedestal and then back down

After stealing the amulet we basically book it outta there

Storm doesn’t stop, basically just harnessed the blizzard and could control it


We get ambushed by 3 Vrocks, 3 Bearded Devils, and a Chain Devil


We manage to ally with the devils to fight the Vrocks (demons)


Killed the big demon chickens, hear a deep ominous yet jolly laughter


Initiative continues

He blasts us with a cone of cold, knocking two of our party members unconscious


Bearded devils goes to strike, ZC takes a legendary action and heals up from damage


Chain Devil manages to hit with a chain, grappling and restraining ZC

My Shot from Hamilton playing in the background

Go for a level 4 inflict wounds and my last channel divinity on him

Nat 20

12d10+21 Necrotic damage


ZC goes from barely harmed to death’s door in 1 hit

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Fightlock goes for one last attack and kills him, taking his hat and putting on ZC armor

Tim Allen intensifies

Take his present bag, grab Gloves of Thieving, Maracas of Elementals, and Potion of Storm Giant Strength

We popping the biggest bottles celebrating that shit

We end the night with our Fightlock becoming Santa Claus, our Rogue getting a +15 to sleight of hand, our Entertainer Wizard gaining their 4th magical instrumental and can now summon the Wind Fish, and the Firbolg getting a potion that gets them from half-giant to basically full-giant

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