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Classy Restaurant Menus: Wytheriss Duchy

Tired of your players having a choice of dried fruit and cheese or stew? Here's my first installment of restaurants and their small but unique menu items from my homebrew world.

The location: Wytheriss Duchy is a day and a half on horseback from the coast. A river runs through the city. As such, the locals have constant access to quality freshwater and saltwater seafoods. Their local farming economy is very profitable because of their export of lemons, oranges, olives, grapes (and wine), peppers, and indigo. They have an annual Carnevale that is a major tourist attraction.

Each restaurant listed here has 4 savory dishes, then 1 dessert dish (in that order). Prices are given after each dish.

The Sunset Parlor – Head chef: Jessa Wren, half-elf

  • Crispy chicken paprikash with preserved lemon and olives, 4 sp
  • Duchy potatoes – smooth, delicate mashed potatoes piped into swirls and toasted, 1 sp
  • Peppers stuffed with soft cheese, crab, and herbs, 3 sp
  • Mushrooms stuffed with little pearls of pasta and chickpeas and raisins , 3 sp
  • Slices of candied orange dipped in thick batter, fried, and doused in honey, 2 sp

Akei’o – Head chef: Akei'o, triton

  • Thin-sliced raw fish served on mashed chickpeas, 6 sp
  • Cubed raw salmon tossed with cubes of mango and bright red peas, 6 sp
  • Grape leaves stuffed with rice, mint, and candied lemons, 3 sp
  • Crab-stuffed red snapper roasted whole and served with herbaceous broth, 5 sp
  • Sweet sticky rice with rum-raisins and dried anchovy, 2 sp

Indigo Cottage – Head chef: Harrisick Ollabush, halfling

  • Pomegranate-glazed pheasant stuffed with winter squash and pistachios, 4 sp
  • Smoked trout ravioli with white wine butter sauce, blood oranges, and fennel, 5 sp
  • Owlbear pepperpot–spiced with cinnamon, ginger, clove, and hot peppers, the meat is black because it was cooked in a dark sweet glaze, 4 sp
  • Flatbread topped with soft cheese, crayfish, and spicy-sweet sauce, 3 sp
  • Rose sambocade–cake made with dense, sweetened cheese and a rose syrup, 4 sp

Auntie Lissewi’s – Head chef: Auntie Lissewi, yuan-ti

  • Polenta porridge with smoked trout, 2 sp
  • Glazed venison tongue over rice, 4 sp
  • Cornmeal crusted fried alligator with sauteed indigo greens, 3 sp
  • Egg roulade filled with chickpeas and herbs, served over beetroot chutney, 2 sp
  • Lemon and indigo madeleines – seashell-shaped cakes, 3 sp

Silversong Tavern – Head chef: Mele’es, wood elf

  • Roast boar served over spaetzle and peas with mushroom sauce, 4 sp
  • Fried sweetbreads and garlic mashed potatoes with lemon cream sauce, 4 sp
  • Mushroom-stuffed trout and glazed carrots, 3 sp
  • Lemon-cured salmon ceviche with seedcrackers, 5 sp
  • Rice pudding with raisins and raspberries, 2 sp

The Timber and Tankard – Head chef: Edwin Gore, human

  • Charcuterie Board: honey-drizzled goat cheese, fresh figs, olive bread with vinegar and oil, dried elk sausages, 4 sp
  • Clams and mussels in very spicy tomato soup, 3 sp
  • Shredded venison buns and pickled slaw, 1 sp ea. or 5 for 4 sp
  • Roasted bass stuffed with preserved lemons, olives, grapes, and rice, 5 sp
  • Spicy chocolate cake with berry syrup, 2 sp/slice or 8 sp for whole cake

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