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As of late, there have been some issues in the community that we hoped would resolve themselves. It now seems that we must step forward and be the disciplinarians for the community. This is incredibly sad for us, we want you guys to have the freedom to share stories and thoughts to your hearts content.

But when users begin to abuse the tools that are meant to keep the sub organized, we have to become involved.

A series of stories has lately come under heavy criticism. We need you guys to keep in mind that the purpose of upvoting and downvoting is to help filter and boost up good content.


Because of the flagrant misuse, we've been forced to manage comments more than we would like, and there have been bans issued to those posting abusive comments.

Guys and Gals, we need you to remember, the purpose of this sub is to share rpg stories. If you don't like a story, that's fine. Some people do like the story. If it's a series, sorry. You'll just have to ignore it, or the user. Downvote if you must, post criticism if you have it. Look for posts you do like.

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  • Personally attack the author/OP
  • Report the post

The first will quickly get you banned, the latter will lead to harsh discipline and tighter rules. We do not want to get higher authority involved in hunting down trolls, but we will.

The report button is to inform Mods of content that violates Reddit Policies or Sub rules. If something is posted here that breaks those rules, report it and we will handle it.


We do not want to have to micromanage you guys, we want you to have some self-control. Please behave responsibly. If you have comments or concerns, you can reach out to us. Please, let's be decent to one another, and try to make this sub a better place for everyone.

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