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Confronting your own demons. The final fight of the personal quest of one of my players.

Hey there! I need to prepare an epic fight for the finale of the personal quest of one of my players.

In my world there are major demons and lesser demons. Demons (like all spirits) are born from emotions of creatures and the lands. There's a specific kind of minor demon, that is born from a negative emotion of a single humanoid and it latches itself to it, feeding of that particular emotion until it is strong enough to kill its host. Only this way can a minor demon become a major demon.

One of the characters has had a few traumatic experiences. He was an acolyte when his homeland was invaded. He had a deep connection with the spirits of the land. The war eventually reached his monastery and what he witnessed there has left a permanent mark on him. He witnessed as the invaders completely destroyed the land and its magic, to which he had a very deep spiritual connection and he witnessed his master and father figure die.

And from that scar the demon "Liúxuè" was born. That demon showed itself to the party in a dream when the character had a near-death experience.

The party now travels to the character's homeland to ask the Dalai Lama equivalent of that universe for help. They are going to travel to the spirit world (through similar means as the astral projection spell) to confront the demon. To kill the demon you must defeat it and speak its true name.

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I need help making this fight a memorable experience. I just need to create a monster that fits the "born from your negative emotions" theme.

The fight will happen in three stages. The party will relive the memories of the character and the demon will appear whenever something traumatic comes up.

I need a monster stat block to fit this special theme. Do you know any good monsters I could use as a base for that? Do you have any cool ideas as to what abilities to give the demon?

Thanks for your help!


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