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Confusion over Harness Divine Power

Content of the article: "Confusion over Harness Divine Power"

Both my player (paladin) and I (DM) are confused about how this feature is supposed to work.

The description of Harness Divine Power is as follows:

You can expend a use of your Channel Divinity to fuel your spells. As a bonus action, you touch your holy symbol, utter a prayer, and regain one expended spell slot, the level of which can be no higher than half your proficiency bonus (rounded up). The number of times you can use this feature is based on the level you’ve reached in this class: 3rd level, once; 7th level, twice; and 15th level, thrice. You regain all expended uses when you finish a long rest.

The way it's written, it seems as if you expend a use of your Channel Divinity to gain a spell slot back and that this expended use of your Channel Divinity can't be regained until you finish a long rest.

However, this contradicts the description of Channel Divinity, which is as follows:

Your oath allows you to channel divine energy to fuel magical effects. Each Channel Divinity option provided by your oath explains how to use it.

When you use your Channel Divinity, you choose which option to use. You must then finish a short or long rest to use your Channel Divinity again.

Some Channel Divinity effects require saving throws. When you use such an effect from this class, the DC equals your paladin spell save DC.

Channel Divinity can come back on a short or long rest. Therefore, if my player decides to expend one of his Channel Divinity uses on Harness Divine Power and then takes a short rest, his Channel Divinity comes back because Channel Divinity can be restored on a short rest.

Which is the correct way of using his feature?

  1. The expended use of Channel Divinity can't be restored even on a short rest because it was used for Harness Divine Power.
  2. All expended uses of Channel Divinity can be restored, but you can't expend your Channel Divinity to use Harness Divine Power until a long rest.
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I'm assuming that its the first option, but I want to make extra sure.

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