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Consider having a side campaign

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Hi friends! I wanted to share something that I’ve been doing for a few months now that my players love and has taken some stress off of me and my prep. We have started a side campaign in a different world.

Our main campaign has myself and four players, most of us have kids, so naturally there are times when things come up and we can’t all make it. Our main campaign is pretty story driven and there are times when we can’t really keep going without everyone at the table. So we started a side campaign.

This campaign is set in a different world so as to not impact things going on in our current campaign. I am running it more West March style, so every session should have some sort of resolution. However, there is still in overarching plot/theme so it’s not JUST a series of one shots.

Myself and the players love it! Not only does it let us play in a different world with different flavor, but it lets the players play different characters. The way that we have it set up, they could play a different character every session if they wanted. This lets them try out different things and concepts, but then it makes their main character feel like an old friend when we switch back to the main campaign. It also has let us invite other, newer players in without having to try to fit them into the main campaign or explain why they were just around for one fight. The best part is that we get to play D&D even when our schedules don’t match.

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For me as the DM, it’s made my life way less stressful. There was a bit of work in the front end crafting the new world (but that’s a big reason why we DM, right?) but now I’m not trying to scale encounters in the main campaign when someone bails at the last second. Plus it has really helped me put into practice some of the stuff I wish I would have known when I started DMing our current campaign.

TLDR: Having a side campaign let’s your players experiment with different characters, let’s you grow as a DM, allows for more D&D, and takes away the stress of someone not being able to make it last minute.

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