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Hello fellow DMers. I've been DMing my first campaign for about 2 years now and I've learned a lot along the way. The thing is there are lots of things I wonder now and then on how to make better for my players and sessions. So I would like to ask some questions on how to you handle it in your campaigns and although there is no correct answer here, sharing expertise might be worth for everybody. So here it goes:

1 – How often long rests happen in your campaign? My usual approach is that a session oftenly portraits a 1-2 adventuring days. So typically I narrate by the hours passing and that makes so my players usually get one long rest per session. Sometimes I feel this makes the game easier because if I shift to a minute by minute approach to make them do resource management it would take really really long to go through a dungeon or through a forest.
2 – How do you handle long distance traveling? This is something I want to improve on. I usually don't want to make the travel boring or long for the players, making them feel like not much is happening on the way. But also, I don't think it sounds interesting to just make them travel big distances on 10minutes. How do you handle that?

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3 – Do you manage any resources for your party? Pretty straight-forward. Do you know about the belongings of the party members? If they're trying to buy stuff with money that might not have or use items they might not have as well. Also that for attunement/prepared spells. I dont want to get overwhelmed by this or micromanage them, but those are things that will greatly impact the challenges they face if not dealt with properly

4 – How often in your campaigns and sessions the players have access to magical stuff? This is also a big one for me. Up to now all the temples i presented to players were more like churches than somewhere to pay for a revive. Also merchants rarely have something magical to sell. I like how this make them feel very hyped when they encounter a magic item or a NPC that can provide supernatural aid.


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