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Continuing a small Adventure for a group of 4 friends into something larger, need Critique/ Advice


Hi everybody i currently am running a campaign for a group of 4 friends , we have been playing for about 8 months now. I originally had only planned a small story centered around a mysterious island as this was my first campaign as the DM and the adventure was homebrew so atleast it was more localized and easier to control. My players ended up enjoying the story and were seeking more so ive since then expanded on the story in my own sense but i am definitely not some amazing adventure maker and so it had plot holes , some things fell through or had little weight on the story in some regards but luckily my group is full of a ton of friends who dont hinge on that much unless it fully puts a stop on what they perceived around them. By the end of this beginning island adventure my players had made it from lvl 3 to lvl 8.

Adventure lvl 3-8

The story centered around a mysterious island shrouded in darkness that clouded a island long forgotten, the darkness that surrounded it was so thick that barely anyone could make out anything within it. Many have ventured in but none have come out in ages , so it has been long since regarded as The Ruined Isles, from a port city close to the islands location a quest has been posted but never completed , to venture to the island and return with information . Simple in theory and with a large gold payout but yet it still stays seeking for anyone to complete it.

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In truth the island is controlled by a minion of the Queen of the Sixth layer of hell known as Glasya, her minion has taken over the island and has been using it as a farm for souls. She granted the surviving members of the island a blue flame ( in disguise so they wouldnt know it was her ), magical and enchanted said to ward off demons and devils yet in truth it does no such thing, this gives people a sense of ease and allows them to continue living on ( breeding ) which in turn makes more souls to harvest. Now i will talk about my plot hole parts , my players had come across a diary of some sort from the person they believed to be the queens minion , this diary spoke of a cube which allows the queens minions to infest the island and in truth transport the island . ( i had some plans for the situation surrounding where they were but i wanted to leave it open ended in case they came up with something i liked more) The cube was the legendary item Cubic Gate.

My players eventually made their way to Queens head minion , killed him , found the cube which was being empowered by a altar of some sort and one of my players ripped it off breaking it in the process and transporting them back to the plane they came from. Now my players are back on the home island and have freed said people enjoying their lax life when i have started up the issue for the hook of the on going adventure.

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2nd Adventure 8 – ?

The hook of my 2nd adventure revolves around an ancient wizard Harsuma and a arch demon (homebrew) by the name of Vermis. Vermis toys with those whose psyche's break, if they find themselves not fit enough why not play another part. Vermis , the archdemon of masks ( or multiple personas) havent quite worked that title out yet, seeks to worm his way back into the material plane. He requires a mortal who begins to question themselves, see's their everyday life as a fake, who plays parts and in turn begins to lose themselves so that he can make them his apostle / work his way into the material plane ( still figuring out how he goes about his ultimate end goal) .

Harsuma was a wizard who loved tournaments and in turn used to run a large grand tower full of fights , he would enslave minions from throughout the land as combatants to those who would test their mettle. Once the minions on the material plane started to thin out he looked other places eventually bringing in minions from the abyss ( vermis's minions ) his 4 harbingers of evil, the court of masks. My players have encountered one of these members , the mask of the audience ( basically a ringmaster in a circus ) .

And how i thought of tying this in to my first part of this large adventure is in the idea that Vermis is a long standing enemy of Asmodeus, glasya learned of his members festering upon the countryside waiting and knew she would need members of her own to fight to destroy them. The island itself appears as a farm for souls but in truth it was not only a farm for souls but also a training ground , for four such warriors that would take care of this pestering problem.

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Im sorry for the large wall of text, if you stuck through it all i appreciate it ! this is my first time dming, i know i shouldnt worry about whether my story is good enough , if its to complicated / requires some revisions. I have a couple more big characters i would include here but this was already becoming a large wall of text so i stopped myself.


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