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Continuing after a TPK? [Cross post from r/dmdivulge]

Content of the article: "Continuing after a TPK? [Cross post from r/dmdivulge]"

Cross posting this from r/dmdivulge because I need all the ideas I can get I think.

Deb, Dawnstriker, Hoff, and Ruxthorn, I’m sorry about today but also you gotta stay out. I know it's tempting, but we all gotta have an outlet after today's session.

So, I did it. I had not only my first PC permanent death but also a whole party TPK. They ran into a fight with the BBEG and they lasted a decent amount of time. The BBEG was almost out of spells every pretty low on HP. But I used a couple huge spells I had been holding onto and it took them all out. What I didn't expect was for them to all fail all their saving throws. I thought I'd end up with one death then putting the unconscious bodies into the jailed dungeon.

The last one standing at the end did try to teleport them out but it ended with a mishap so he went down and the other three took a failed save from the damage. So one character got disintegrated and the other three had their bodies teleported out to a tavern they went to recently.

They had an NPC traveling with them for sometime and they've been in the Shadowfell for a bit. During that time, the NPC got turned into a vampire. When she went down, she returned to her coffin so there's a bit of hope. They've met a few people in Shadowfell so they have some allies the NPC could go to for help. This feels like a weird timing to have them all roll new characters, we're a year and half in with this party (level 11 now).

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Would you run a one off with characters they've met in Shadowfell and the traveling NPC to save themselves? As in they could play as these allies and run through finding someone to save their bodies? Or should it be more of a narration of that NPC helping them? Or should they really just roll all new characters?

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