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Converting Monster stat block to Player Character

Content of the article: "Converting Monster stat block to Player Character"

I'll give more infor for those that want it, but TLDR: I had an NPC that used the stat block of a golgari Shaman, through various choices, A player is turning into that box. How should I go about determining what his new stats are? Should I just make him a character and hand it to him? Maybe tell him a class and race to use but leave the rest to him?

Here's the long version:

My party was sent to investigate a potential necromantic cult and asses if it was a threat to their city. They did find a cult, but not a necromantic one. Instead they found a group of people that worship life and death and the cycle thereof. The leaders of this small group are known as the ascended. They are three immortal entities housed in Golden masks called Em Joy, Em Anger, and Em Shock.

The entities continue living by switching hosts ever few hundred years. Rather than their host dying or being taken over, the soul of the new host joins the souls of all the previous hosts, adding their knowledge and personality to the pool.

The ascended formed this cult to prevent their own extinction during the rise of mortal races. At that point in history, they were practically God level beings, but they watched as adventuring parties and warring nation were killing many of the beings thought to be immortal. So rather than try to assert dominance, they went into hiding, never having more than 7 followers at a time living in their secret underground lair. Throughout the millennia, their god powers basically atrophied like muscles, leaving them as only cr 5 or 6 each, but still immortal.

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Upon discovering that Em Joy was plotting with a powerful lich to regain their former power, the group killed Joy (with the blessing of the other two). The lich tried to teleport in and save Joy, but was unsuccessful. When they killed Em, the golden mask clattered to the ground. They had learned previously that the mask has to be destroyed in order to fully kill an ascended.

With his ally/pawn dead, the Lich began casually walking out of the room while the party failed at dealing significant damage to him.

They have met this lich before, and one of the PCs has a particularly strong grudge against him. So the player decided to don the mask to gain more power to be able to kill the lich before he escapes. So my complications are as follows:

  1. The PC's soul will bring his intense hatred for lich with him, but the new Em Joy will also still have the strong desire to regain lost power. Would one over power the other?

  2. The party is level 7, and Em Joy was cr 5. So he should gain more power, but Em definitely didn't have the fire power before to take out the lich

  3. He technically just lost all racial traits by ascending

  4. He also gained a memory that spans back to primordial times.

  5. The questions in the TLDR.

It is of note that this particular player a wonderful (and actually trained) Improvisor who did this based on character choices, and he will be able to play out whatever I give him without meta gaming or making the new Em Joy just act like his character

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