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Could an elder oblex keep its main body in a bag of holding?

Content of the article: "Could an elder oblex keep its main body in a bag of holding?"

I just had an interesting character concept, and I'm wondering if there is anything RAW from preventing it.

An elder oblex creates a simulacrum. The simulacrum looks, sounds and acts like a regular humanoid, though it must remain attached to the main body by a thin tether, and must be within 120 of the main body or the simulacrum disappears.

So, could an oblex keep its main body inside a bag of holding, and have its simulacrum carry the bag around? That way, the simulacrum would appear to everyone else as a regular humanoid. The simulacrum could walk freely, interact with people normally, and still be connected to the main body with its tether, which goes into the bad of holding if you keep it open by at least an inch.

If someone were to kill the simulacrum, it would be destroyed, and the killer would probably assume they just killed an adult oblex. If they even knew what an oblex was at all.

I really like this idea for a villain, or even a player character should the DM allow for it. An elder oblex that hides its true form, and walks among humans. And it can create a simulacrum of any human who's memories it has eaten.

The only major hurdle, is that I don't know if an oblex needs to breathe. It doesn't seem like an ooze would need to oxygen to survive. But even if it does, there's an interesting specification listed in the oblex description.

For all practical purposes, the simulacrum is the oblex, meaning the oblex occupies its space and the simulacrum's space simultaneously.

It seems to me that if they are the same creature, then the oblex could breathe through its simulacrum.

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Is there any reason why this couldn't work? Seems like a neat way for an oblex to infiltrate human society. And with the ability to absorb memories and shape change, they could become a very dangerous villain indeed.

The simulacrum always smells like sulfur though. Which could be an interesting clue, if people pick up on. Maybe they could wear perfume, or get a doctors note about their clinical IBS.

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