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“Cowabunga it is” Paladin goes all out on my Barbarian during a “friendly” spar.

Be me: Human Barbarian

Be not me: Drow Paladin (formerly cleric), Tabaxi Ranger/Rouge, Human Sorceress, Aasimar Fighter, Human-ish Knight NPC (My character's little bro).

Last session Drow had lost his Cleric magic to his old master (the current BBEG) and found out she was manipulating him the whole time.

Drow mops around while Ranger and Fighter try to comfort him. Decides to pray to Kelemvor (which is the God he had previously thought he was serving.)

Kelemvor answers and talks with him


Cleric is now Paladin.

My character enters room after stressing about how Knight's life force is tethered to the BBEG.

Paladin has a shit eating grin on his face.

"Hey Barb! I'm a Paladin now!"


Friendship outweighs Paladin hate.

laugh it off.

"Paladin, you made a terrible decision! But I can respect that you want to partially follow the path of the warrior, you can spar with me anytime."

Paladin immediately accepts invitation and offers to spar the next day.



Getting ready to spar, figure we'll roll a few attack rolls, nothing more, I use my non-magic great sword and decide I won't rage.

I have a hit point and DPS advantage on Paladin, but he has higher AC and is using a magic weapon, figure it balanced it out.

Initiatives rolled, I get higher initiative but I give the first strike to him.

He casts sacred flame.


I run up and attack, both hit, one max damage.

Then he casts haste.


Paladin begins to tear into my Barbarian, I rage to hopefully lessen the damage but he hits me with a fourth level divine smite. I'm also rolling like dog shit.

It's clear I'm losing, Paladin tried to lay on hands.


Too prideful to give up, I push him away. Ranger gets concerned and insight checks me to make sure I'm not trying to kill him. I'm not.

Get another hit in on him and then say I cough up blood and fall to my knees.

Paladin helps me up and heals me (although I protested a bit).

I'm a little pissed he went so hard, but I roll with it and admit he might be a stronger warrior than me.

I was a little mad that I basically ended up being the Paladin's punching bag, but I think in the end I handled it pretty gracefully. I suppose it was naive of me to assume he wouldn't use spells.

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