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Creating a home brew Disney inspired campaign and need some mechanical/flavor help with characters.

First time homebrew DM here and I’m looking for some help from someone a bit more experienced.

Without getting into too much detail about my world, the PCs have been imbued with the abilities of Disney heroes. This is a flavorful way of giving them their subclasses as they grow from Level 1 up to however far we wish to continue. For example, one character’s tied to Hercules, so he is a Path of the Zealot Barbarian.

The flavor is great, but I want to give the characters a bit more flavor, but I’ve never done this before so I wanted some help with ideas/balance. Here were my thoughts.

Character 1 – Hercules – Dragonborn Path of the Zealot Barbarian.

I want to give him something akin to “Once per short rest, you can imbue the power of lightning into one strike, granting a bonus d6 lightning damage.” Or maybe a paralysis effect, but that seems a bit too good.

Character 2 – Stitch – Halfling Way of the Drunken Fist Monk.

I already flavored her character as having the ability to spontaneously grow 2 more arms, but not for long. I was considering something akin to “When you use Flurry of Blows, you can expend another Ki point to double the amount of additional unarmed attacks” (hopefully bringing the number from 4 to 6 to start.) I’m not quite sure how it’s strength compares to the others.

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Character 3 – Ariel – Variant Scourge Aasimar College of Glamour Bard.

I was thinking of giving her an item that is a small conch shell necklace that functions similarly to a spell gem, housing a healing word spell that could be used as a bonus action.

I’m also flavoring her Aasimar to have watery wings and deal water damage as opposed to radiant damage.

Character 4 – Kronk – Firbolg Phantom Rogue

I have flavored the Phantoms as Kronks small angel and devil that guide him. This is the one that was tricky. I wanted to give him hidden step, or speak with animals, or even a disguise self (like he takes a potion to look like someone else), but that all comes in the firbolg package. So instead, I was thinking of just flat out giving him the cook feat. Is this too broken? I feel it’s a bit lesser of a feat, but I maybe mistaken.

I suppose what I’m asking for is either better ideas, or advice for how to make this work mechanically. Like, should the cook feat be tied to an item for the PC to attune to? Should these bonuses scale with level? Am I overthinking this because it’s my first time?

Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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