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Creating an Online Tabletop Simulator

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Hello everyone, it's your boy Devbringer here.

Now to start off, my friend group has recently started playing D&D. So far, we have only been able to play online through discord. Our amazing DM was able to create maps and then live stream it for us visualize the game state despite it being his first time playing D&D as well. I thought that it was great, but maybe we can improve on it.

So long story short, I've started building an online tabletop simulator in the last few weeks. It is still currently very ugly, full of bugs, and not yet optimized. This project was intended to be used only by us. But I wanted to ask you guys as experienced DMs for some feedback on it, so here it is:


Currently, there's no login or anything. Just hop over to the site and pick a name for yourself. The current max capacity for concurrent players is quite low, and I have not yet implemented a create/join room feature. There is a janky chat system in place, to allow players to chat with each other. Please try not to crash to server by cloning too many objects (untested).

Key commands are displayed on the right side of the screen, the most cryptic one should be "Lock", which enables or disables the physics simulation of the object you are grabbing. You can also click and drag on the green tabletop in order to make a selection box, which allows you to build blocks (B) within the area or to delete (G) all objects in the area.

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When entering the game, pay attention to the top left to ensure that you have joined the room successfully. If not, many features will be unavailable. I'm sure you guys are smart cookies so you can figure the rest out.

I understand low-poly models might not be your cup of tea, but using low-poly models allows the game size to remain relatively small. Thus making initial load times faster. For reference, the dragon model itself is around 2mb, whereas the whole pack of low-poly monsters (snake, frog, spider, etc) is around half the size.

Thanks for the attention, looking forward to your feedback!


No copyright infringement intended, I do not own most of the graphics and models used

special thanks to:

Nexon MapleStory for cursor

(Mz4250) for free 3D D&D models

(Quaternius) for free 3D models pack

(JPrinslooS) for free 3D buildings

+ many others

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