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Cryovain is in Storm King’s Thunder and Dragons of icespire peak! What now?

Content of the article: "Cryovain is in Storm King’s Thunder and Dragons of icespire peak! What now?"

Was wondering if anyone else noticed this. I’m running a merged LMOP and DOIP campaign that feeds into SKT and I just found out that Cryovain (the main villain and climax of DOIP) is also one of the mated pair of dragons that Jarl Storvald holds hostage in Swardborg.

My first thought was well dam guess I’ll just change the name of this dragon cuz that won’t work.

But what if we made it work?

I’m up to any suggestions! Let me know what stuff you can come up with!

Here’s some not well thought out ideas I came up with:

Cryovain escapes leaving their mate and nest of eggs in Swardborg. Being a young dragon he know he is no match for a large group of frost giants so he wishes to return and save his new family.

He moves to the region that DOIP takes place without a lair and begins challenging anyone he can find to try and grow his strength all while hunting to also further his size. This way he can fight Venomfang from LMOP and try to take his lair as Cryovain is without one. After failing and sustaining injuries from venomfang he retreats. Venomfang being a more cunning and tactical green dragon and Cryovain being more animalistic and feral (as most white dragons are).

Villagers from Phandalin see this fight and report it to the town master that they have two nearby dragons! The villagers are more scared than ever as a group of heroes (the players) enter the village after a ambush from a goblin tribe and learning their associate gundren rockseeker has been kidnapped. They quickly learn that they must also thwart two dragons.

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Now what the players don’t know is that Cryovain just wants to save his family. I’m not sure how to make this apparent as again he is suppose to be the climax of the adventure but maybe they can team up against the anchorites of tali’s and defeat gorthok the thunder boar. Gorthok is a level 6 quest so maybe I can have the white dragon help the heroes fight the half-orca and the giant boar and that be the climax instead. Could be pretty epic.

This way the players don’t have too fight Cryovain (and another idea below for how they can aid Venomfang and not have to battle him as well) on top of facing the redbrands, the cragmaw, nezznar, the anchorites of talos and all the other crazy monster that LMOP and DOIP throw at them.

From there Cryovain needs the aid of the heroes to save his family and the go to the berg of the frost giants. I know this is sorta throwing a wrench into SKT but I always thought the players should experience all the giant strongholds anyway and wanted a way to make that more interesting. From there they discover the shattered Ordening and set out for SKT at level 6 or 7. Skipping night stone obviously.

Other notable hooks:

Nezznar wants wave echo cave to give to one of the dragons as a lair and therefore ally with one of them.

The cultist at thunder tree split into two cults following the two different dragons

Venomfang is at war with the anchorites of talos for territory and that explains all the blights at Thunder Tree.

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My goal is allow the players to experience SKT totally differently than how it’s written and allow them to see all the giant strongholds eventually ending with getting to the storm giants stronghold maelstrom.

Any other advice would be super helpful! I was wondering if anyone else figured this out and incorporated it into their campaign.

Thanks so much in advance for reading all the way through and for any advice you give!!

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