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Curse for a Revived player

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Hey everyone,

So I am a fairly new DM and before buying an starting curse if strahd with my players which we will do soon I home brewed a little mage tower dungeon as a sort of tutorial because multiple players are new to DnD

The Dungeon belongs to a mage that turned into a nothic, who went insane in his search for a way to revive his cursed love. There are hints to this in the dungeon which at first glance looks like it’s only problem is being overrun by goblins.

Now one of these hints was the players finding a pool filled with goblins laughing and smashing each other’s heads in. I Styles the encounter so the goblins got 1hp back at the start of each round even when 0HP and it made for a fun encounter, that became about downing the goblins and then throwing them out of the pool before they get back up.

Now the monk also died while in his pool. He went down outside of it, has 2 fails and the got carried into the pool, rolling his 3 fail before the round ended and the healing effect took place. The players could have easily avoided this but as most for them are new and the veterans aren’t meta gaming which I appreciate they didn’t. At this point it was not supposed to bring People back from the dead but just heal them so I mad that up because I felt like having the character of a new player die in the 2nd encounter of the first session after him having spent hours learning the game and building him, writing backstory etc would feel shit.

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So it became a pool with powerful necromantic abilities. This also led to all previously dead goblins being revived by a hidden survivor later but that’s a different story.

Now I want to have some sort of consequence from the death of the monk. I want death to mean something and I made the players aware of the fact that there won’t be a magical necromantic pool around next time.

Any ideas for a curse, disease or other effect the monk could suffer from potentially even tying into curse of strahd ? I want it to be something rp and plot hooky and not somethings that hinders him in playing the game.

I’m thankful for any fun ideas

TLDR: monk got revived by a necromancy pool of healing, what curse or disease could this bring with it ?

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