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Cursed/blessed boomerang

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Tl/dr karma is a dish best served with lightning boomerangs.

In a dangerous storm through a mountainous pass, the party stumbles across a very tribal village of nice, hospitable people. They are offered a hot meal and a place to shelter away from the weather in the town house because there isn't enough room in the other huts. On the wall of the town house is a pair of magic storm boomerangs, the party can feel the magic just from being in the same room. If the party tries to cast identify, they are shown to be +3 boomerangs that deal an extra 2d8 lightning damage and push the target 15 ft, guided by an ancestral force. The night passes, some of the smaller huts are destroyed and a few people went missing, it looks like it might have been giants, the village elder asks the party for their charity to help them get the missing people back. If the party stole the boomerangs, the villagers pretend not to notice. If the party agrees to help the villagers tell them that the giant cave is high up in the mountain, the party can even try to follow giant tracks with a successful DC 14 survival check. When they get there, the giants (CR appropriate giants aka either ogres, stone giants or anything in between) are preparing to use the captured villagers to deal with the giant rats that are coming in and out of holes that are too small for the giants, the villagers will likely die, but they don't care. The party can either kill the giants or kill the giant rats and then the giants will let the villagers go. When they get back to the village, they are celebrated heros and are offered to stay longer. The village elder gifts them the boomerangs. They explain that they once belonged to a powerful barbarian named Bhonn Ghrig who was the village elders great great grandmother. But the village elder has no use for them now, they would do more good in the hands of the party. When the party first throws them, out of nowhere (even underground), lightning strikes the thrown boomerang and it disappears. If they were stolen, with a strike of lightning the boomerangs will return at the worst possible time, and hit the one who stole them (when they're unconscious/close to death, when they're close to a large fall etc) and a spectral image of a strong, large human woman with eyes glowing with electricity appears as it hits them (Bhonn Ghrig). If they were willingly given to the party, the boomerangs return with a strike of lightning at the best possible time (when someone is about to die, when an enemy is about to cast a strong spell, etc) and hit the enemy/save a party member, and Bhonn Ghrig will appear and block the enemies strike/attack an enemy with the boomerang/otherwise help the party. After that, the returned boomerang clatters to the ground, the last of its magic used up.

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