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D&D 45th Anniversary Sapphire Dice Set: new year, same garbage

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Again, if you're sick to death of seeing these, pass on through. Several others have asked for further info as soon as I was back and heard more, so here it is.

The story so far: ordered the WotC 45th anniversary dice set back in September, got a damaged set in October and returned them and have had the runaround trying to get a replacement set or any information on when they might come since. After my post on r/dndnext blew up, I got a message from Mike Mearls offering to look into the issue and to try to get a replacement set for me. After a week of no response to either Mike or my inquires, I sent an email requesting a refund rather than a replacement product. When that went unanswered, I initiated chargeback/dispute proceedings with Visa. I was contacted a few days later saying they would still be shipping a replacement, along with "something extra. I replied again that not only did I not want the replacement at this point, I wouldn't even be around to receive it in their new timeframe. Shaking the tree harder, I reached a manger but was still told this was shipping, they couldn't speak to the charge back, etc, and I should have FedEx hold the package. I get in touch with them, and get them to agree to hold it until I come to the nearby sorting center to pick it up (or, in my case, reject it)

Lets jump to now, the first day I'm home from vacation. I spend my morning catching up on a literal 500 work emails, etc, thinking I'll go by this weekend and tell them the package needs to go back to WotC. Fedex, however, has other plans, deciding to deliver the package with a few other coming for my wife today without notification to me. She gets the door, accepting it along with the others.

Well, crap, I think. Now I'm going to have to reach out to WotC support, get another RMA and probably jump through 50 more hoops to get this done with. Opening the box, I see they've included a a limited edition copy of Ghosts of Saltmarsh, which while neat, doesn't do much for me (I would have bought it when I came out if it interested my group, but hey, it was free and based on the emails I got from the manager, it's not getting sent back). The dice, however…

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The outer box (not the shipping box, but one you'd see on the shelf at the store), which was double sealed on my first set, is already unwrapped and its silver seal broken. Either this is another set that was already returned or the picked my old set apart and pout a few new pieces in (or cobbled a new one together out of the undamaged bits of other sets, since almost all of mine were messed up one way or the other).

The display case itself had a broken pull tassel, another sign this has been manhandled, and another strike against WotC (tiny, petty, I know, but after all of this and how much these cost, why aren't these things mint in box). Opening the set, I find the dice seem to be in better shape than my first ones were (still a lot of scratches, but nothing glaring like the toolmarks I found the first time or the thin enamel on most of the ampersands). Then I pull out the two d20's.

Clearly, despite me being told by LevelUp dice there was no known issues with the production run, there has to have been something, because the two do not match each other. The d20 with the inset sapphire is plainly from a totally different run of dice than the whole set (and what they show online): the numbering is in a slightly finer/smaller font and stamped lower on each die face, and the enamel is a much lighter shade of blue. The pictures here don't do the discrepancy justice, but they're the best I can do with my phone. In person, it's striking enough that when I called my wife into the office and said "do you think I should give up and just keep these" without telling her I'd spotted an issue, her first response was "why is one of them teal?"

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I have, of course, emailed the manager I got in touch with at WotC and laid out what they sent me this time. I've said point blank I won't take any more runaround and they can either give me a refund or get me to someone who can. We'll see if there's any moving forward, or if they just tell me I'm stuck now. My chargeback hasn't moved forward – apparently, even though I provided visa with all of the details when I called it in and gave them my email and phone number to contact if they need more, they decided to snail-mail me a request for info I already gave them (what was the item, when did I return it, whom did I speak to and when should I have expected my product) while I was out, with a note that if I didn't reply by 12/28 they'd close the dispute (I called them, they haven't closed it per my bank, and I just emailed them the info, so we'll see if that now goes anywhere).

I think I'll hold off of any further posting about this, until I've gotten my money or been told I'm SoL by WotC and Visa. Wish me luck!

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