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“D&D is for nerds.”

Content of the article: "“D&D is for nerds.”"

Be me, new DM.

Running Curse of Strahd for friends who got me into hobby.

Want to do it as a thank you for introducing me to D&D.

Going well, I feel very confident in my DMing and everyone has a good time.

Group is very small.

Only two players.

Was 3 but one quit D&D after their 3rd ever session because they realized their monk has bad wisdom and monks need wisdom.

Tried to compromise, just wouldn't respond and clearly just didn't really care enough to keep playing

"If I can't minmax what's the point"

Ask other friend to play

"D&D is for nerds, so no"

>But you obsess over 40k and Star Wars. Every time I see you I somehow listen to you rant about a dead franchise for 50 minutes before you then rant about Vulcan from 40k for another 50 minutes.

"Yeah but D&D is for nerds. The idea of it grosses me out."

>You just spent the last hour complaining to me about the pre-sequels and newer star wars films. you even referenced the Star Wars books and sent me screenshots from the comic books to prove your point that I don't even understand because I haven't seen Star Wars.

"Yeah but I just refuse to put up with D&D. It's the nerdiest shit I've ever seen."

Glance at his 40k Orc figurines and sweat profusely as I try to be civil.

>Well can you please just do it for one session, I'll even make you a character and if you don't like it I'll never bother you about it again. I just want a few more players at the table.

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"You don't see me forcing my passions onto you."

mfw I listen about franchises I don't care about because he's passionate about them

mfw I paid for tickets to a Star Wars movie I didn't want to see

mfw I got shit on for playing a board game once a week with friends

mfw he still force feeds me lore from Stellaris, XCOM, Star Wars, Elder Scrolls Online, and The Witcher.

mfw I, the chad, am being insulted by him, the virgin.

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