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D&D “Journal” Book idea thing?

Content of the article: "D&D “Journal” Book idea thing?"

So we are about four or five sessions into our home brew DnD campaign made and led by the “lord thickness” or dm.

Our last campaign took a year to complete and it was his first time dming, and it was a home brew too. He is absolutely amazing and creative. But also doesn’t baby is. The first campaign taught us all how we can improve and this new one shows it. Not to mention after every session he asks questions like: What did we like? What did we not like? Thoughts on any improvements?

That REALLY helps. And it’s fun to discuss.

So I’m being more “serious” this campaign and have a notebook I fill with notes of things I think are important, places, name and stuff; the usual. I also have a bad memory so it helps. But I wanted to do more so I can look back when this new campaign comes to a close.

So I decided to do a side project, which coincides with happens in the campaign.

The character I play is a changing bard/rogue named Null. The campaign starts out with our players characters meeting in a tavern and the usual “you’ve been chosen” blah blah stuff. The reason Null was in the tavern was because they worked there as pretty much every job position to save money and buy their way off the continent. This is because they are wanted from the government/or whatever law there is, for being on the side of a failed revolution, for multiple race rights. That included uncommon and “monster” races (ie goblins, orcs, you name it) and well they failed.

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So the party sets off and to log the adventure they write in a journal. First entry being about sorta what I just described.

Now the entries won’t be extremely detailed of the journey just what Null experiences and shares. So now lengthy descriptions or fight scenes. It’ll leave it for open imagination.

Now here is the kicker and bit of spoiler, during our first session we rolled very unlucky while traveling and encountered a copper dragon… yeah. But in bardic fashion Null rose to the occasion and challenged bard stereotypes. See Null just wants to travel, have fun adventures and create strong friendships with those they meet; hence why they fight for race rights. Well I rolled really good, like nat 20 with a plus 10 to performance, and then again same stuff for persuasion.

Null performed a tenacious D rendition of their adventure albeit short so far to the dragon, and befriended him. And as a thank you for the entertainment and to hear about their adventure gave Null a pen that when used the dragon can see. It’s like the dear princess celestia deal from mlp. And now Null writes in it after every session.

And the dragon can reply, their ink appearing in Nulls book.

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To the point, would anyone be interested in “reading” the journal entries. I mean I’ll probably post them anyway but I think it’s a pretty neat idea. It won’t be graphic or anything, Null isn’t like that. They just wanna make friends and memories while adventuring. Plus they write about the other party members as they learn about them.

Also Draconic txt.

It’s like 7 am and I haven’t slept yet and I’m rambling my thoughts cuz this is what my brain does when I have fun ideas.

But yeah, lemme know if this is a cute idea (I think it is) and keep a lookout

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