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D&D Story: That time I turned my players evil.

Content of the article: "D&D Story: That time I turned my players evil."

Howdy doodles! I made a youtube video telling a funny story about how I accidentally turned my players evil in a campaign I DM'd forever ago. I will share the link, but I will also try to type up the story quickly too!

Before we get started there are two important notes:

  1. I was a newer Dungeon Master back when I dm'd this campaign
  2. I was trying to run a living world, the story didn't pause even if the players weren't pursuing it. The villains and antagonists were always somewhere off doing their own thing.

Important Characters:

  1. The Party consisted essentially of Karl Marx & Company
  2. The BBEG was Evil McMagic Lady
  3. A side antagonist was Sinister Mr. Merchant Man
  4. And there was a scary demon wolfman who was the bodyguard for Evil McMagic Lady.

So what had happened was…

The players literally could not stop accidentally tripping into Evil McMagic Lady as she was setting up the elements for the later plot of the campaign. I would place her in some far corner of the map while I tried to get the players to go on the "main quest" and they'd run as far away from the plot as they could and stumble into Evil McMagic Lady as she was doing something nefarious in the background and they'd just kind of stare at each other until she'd break the silence and say "Stay out of my way." and go on about her business.

After about the 3rd time of this happening while the players were running from a fight with Sinister Mr. Merchant Man and all had 1 or 2 hp, they stumbled into her at a graveyard as she was beating up and intimidating a guy to work for her. There was like 20 seconds of awkward staring before I decided "I guess this is where she TPK's you all?" Then the fight stepped forward and proposed the reason they tracked her down tonight was because they had figured out what she was up to and wanted to work for her. After some tense roleplay they walked away as henchmen for my BBEG… It was a weird campaign…

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