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D&D5e Gestalt Variant Rules

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Disclaimer: These are my personal gestalt rules which have been mildly playtested. They add a huge amount of complexity to player characters, and make them about 50% more powerful.

Gestalt Variant Rules

With the Gestalt rule variant. Each level yields (more or less) the benefits of two character classes. This variant system assumes the use of the spell point variant system (DMG).


You may multiclass. A combination such as level 1: Fighter / Rogue, level 2: Sorcerer / Wizard is acceptable. However, you may not combine classes in this way: level 1: Fighter / Rogue, level 2: Fighter / Wizard. You still must meet prerequisites for multiclassing into and out of all classes.

Hit Points:

A character begins with the starting hitpoints of both classes divided by 2, and then gains an amount of hit points each level thereafter equal to both of the classes divided by 2. A character’s hit dice are equal to the larger of the two classes’ hit dice.


A character begins with a selection of the greater number of skills provided by 2 classes, and can pick any skills that are available for both. For example, a Fighter/Rogue starts with 4 skills (Rogue), and can choose any skills that a Fighter or Rogue could start with.

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Saving Throws:

A character begins with proficiency in 2 saving throws from one of their classes.

Other Proficiencies:

You gain the combined weapon, armor, and tool proficiencies of both classes.

Ability Score Improvements:

You gain the combined Ability Score Improvements of both classes, however, when you gain this in both classes in the same level, one of the two Ability Score Improvements must be used as a feat.

Class Features:

You gain the class features of both classes. If you gain Extra Attack from two classes during the same level, you instead gain a Fighting Style.


You gain the spell points of one of your classes, and half of the other classes, you can choose which one to gain half from, even if it has no spell points, or has pact casting. Combine spells known from both classes. You prepare spells normally with each class. The highest level spell you know is from the greater of both classes. Keep Pact Casting separate in all of these regards.

Full Classing (optional):

You can choose to double up in a single class, ex. Fighter/Fighter. In this instance, you may choose two seperate archetypes and combine any resources you gain from the same class feature (except Extra Attack). For example, a Fighter/Fighter gains 2x uses of second wind at level 1 and 2x uses of action surge at level 2 which return on a short rest. Sorcerers gain double sorcery points x2 metamagic options. Barbarians have double rages and +1 to their rage damage. Bards have double the amount of inspiration dice and increase their inspiration die by 1 step. Clerics and Paladins have 2x channel divinities and Clerics count twice their level with Divine Intervention, Paladins can increase the damage of smites by 1 die step. Monks have 2x ki points, they also have their martial arts die increased by 1 step. Rogues DO NOT have double sneak attack, but start with an extra skill, their sneak attack dice become d8s and they gain 2x expertises. Warlocks have 2x the number of invocations and gain 2 extra spell slots, they gain two pact boons but do NOT gain 2xmystic arcanum. Druids gain 2x the number of wild shapes. Rangers have x2 number of favored enemies and an additional +1 damage against favored enemies. Bloodhunter's gain 2x number of known blood curses and their Crimson Rite dice are increased by 1 step.

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Levels and Experience (optional)

It takes 50% more experience to level when playing with Gestalt.

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