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Deals with Devils(Blades in the Dark)

Content of the article: "Deals with Devils(Blades in the Dark)"

Be me: Frost; Spider

Be not me: DM, Jacob; Whisper, Thorn; Cutter

Scene opens… players joking about how much/little the last heist hurt us.

We get in on the planning of our next job

Decide on refurnishing our Liar to get some cover operation system built up.

Found a warehouse by the docks with the supplies we need….

Frosts Fine Cover ID this time is as a stakeholder of the warehouse we're robbing.

We're just coming by to deliver our fine workers a bottle of whiskey… spiked with sleep essence.

Run through the approach stats…

Exploiting fundamental weaknesses, have an extortionist manipulating in the lead up, no miscellaneous buffs…

Approach roll of 3 die: 6, 5, 3

Frost rolling up properly rocking the monopoly mustache… along with the suit & tie. He sticks out but he looks like he could own the place. Rolling up with his two bodyguards.

Talk to a shady guy who's the 'shift manager' of the warehouse… present him a bottle of Fine Whiskey tell him to make sure everyone gets a swig.

6, 6, 4, 2 on the roll to convince them.

Take a devils bargain to drink the spiked whiskey with the boys…

Consort with them…

2, 2

Take two stress to grant a boon to the effectiveness of the essence

Thorn flashbacks to arranging a door to be left open for Jacob to slip on in.

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Jacob slips in but… bad rolls, there will be consequences.

Thorn decides to have a bit more distraction by getting into some pit fighting

Skirmish roll to pick a fight… 6, 2 picks a good fight

Frost gets the attention of the foreman and try and get a betting ring going… 2, 1, 1, 3 first failure of the night

Somehow all the attention is still on Thorn but breaking up the fight rather than betting ring on it… the distraction is going strong for Jacob.

Foresight helps Jacob search as Frost previously passed on a description of the operation were robbing from prior talks with the foreman.

Jacob rolls to find the goods… 5. More consequences but successful.

Found what we need but buried in so much other stuff.

Thorn flashback… getting some of our guys into the place under-cover to help with the job.

Our under-cover workers make their way into the back to help Jacob uncover what we need…

Try and convince them to take another round of the spiked whiskey… 1, 2, 3 take stress to negate the negatives.

Frost is sweating under his disguise.

Frost flashback… establish a delivery for today for our undercover guys and Jacob to waltz on out with the supplies.

Thorn passes on that the distraction was worked and 'reminds' Frost about an appointment and we quickly make our way out.

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We leave without a hitch with our stolen goods.

Determine what Jacob left behind… accidentally left his ectoplasum vials behind.

Run through our end of score for this operation…

Little XP for the Black Widows because it was so quiet and not punching above our weight class.

Recover some stress… everyone

Thorn and Jacob work on recovery from their harm.

Frost need some extra coin to indulge his vices… today was stressful for him

Plot the basics of our next heist… stealing someone who could make the Hive's drugs for our new gentleman's club.

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