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Death of the Jake NPC 1

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Are you tired of your players going up to a person and asking their name, and all you can think is "uhhhh Jake?" Here are a few premade NPCs that are ready to go next time your players decide they want to talk to a random person or explore a random place. If you need some inspiration, these characters are yours to use. They come with a base stat block, a setting you will most likely find them in, an appearance description, a history, a shop (if applicable), and a small side quest that your players can do, if they have the time.

Forgive me if this post is all over the place, I'm not the best writer in the world. I'm hoping to make posts like this a weekly thing, so hopefully they will get better over time.

1st NPC Krick Smashdolls

Goblin Bard level 2

STR 11 DEX 13 CON 8 INT 7 WIS 9 CHA 14

SETTING: a gathering of civilization, like a village, city or any settlement in between

APEARANCE: Krick has a large backpack filled with masks, and every day you see him, he's wearing a different one. He is either Grandstanding in a town square, or sleeping under a tree somewhere on the outskirts. often times you will see his backpack before you notice him, and as you approach, he will make sure the mask he is wearing is on tight. Other than his mask, he is wearing his ears tied up under a wig, a set of dirty brown clothes, and rags around his hands, shaped to be gloves. When he speaks common, it is broken and can be hard to understand.

History: Krick was a young goblin born to a brood of 12. He was the runt of the litter, and as such, was left to fend for himself when he was a youngling. His tribe abandoned him, and he grew up on the streets of a small village. He discovered that people did not like goblins, and became very ashamed of himself. One day as he was walking, he found a mask on the ground that had fallen off a merchant's cart. When he put it on, he realized he could walk through town and everyone thought he was a gnome. So he kept gathering masks and often switches them out. He found that if he did silly little dances, people would think he was performing and he could get paid some money. He found for a love for dancing, and is now trying to get into a bard college to become an official dancing bard. However Tuition is expensive, and banks aren't willing to loan to a small goblin like him.

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Shop: Dance for me!

Krick will dance for you for a simple 20 cp. Whichever player pays, gets 1d4 bardic inspiration to use. The inspiration goes away at the end of the day. Any one player may only use this one time per day.

Side Quest: Throw a penny?

Help me get into college, and I will happily follow you from city to city, dancing for free for you! Get Krick at least 100 gp, and he will give you free dances that are upgraded to 1d6 instead of 1d4.

Clarrisa Sweet- High Elf Shopkeep- HP 10

STR 8 (-1) DEX 10 (+0) CON 7 (-2) INT 11 (+0) WIS 9 (-1) CHA 12 (+1)


Clarrisa Sweet is good for a town or city environment. She is the struggling shopkeep, and due to her limited funds and stock, she needs to get the most out of every sale.


Fair pale skin with dark circles under her vivid green eyes. Very smiley but it is a very fake smile. There is a spot on her ring finger that’s slightly lighter than the skin around it. She rubs it as a nervous tick. As she touches it, a small sadness grows behind her perfect customer smile. She wears a noble outfit, although it looks old and VERY well worn. Upon a closer inspection, you will find that the dress has been patched and hemmed multiple times, by an expert hand. Wears her hair up, but if it ever gets let down, you will see that it is filled with split ends and is very tangled and prone to frizzing.

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Clarrisa Sweet used to have it all. She was married for 70 years, and even started a clothing shop with her husband. She was happy and content with her life. That all changed 10 years ago. The shop got robbed by a gang of gnomes. They left the shop in shambles and completely looted. When she got home, all she saw was a note. Her husband had been having an affair with a wood elf from the library down the street. He left with all of the money they had been stashing away for a rainy day, all the food in the kitchen, and he even took their pet blinkdog, Bartholemew. She was left with nothing. She had to sell all of her clothes, her ring, and her house. She is now struggling to survive by working and living at the shop, meditating in the manager’s office when she needed a break. However, since he left her, she can’t seem to get a solid 4 hours of meditation in. Every time she tries, thoughts of him invade and wake her from her trance. Maybe one day it will get better, but until then, she has to chin up, increase her prices, and put that smile on.

Shop (Sell at 2x posted rate from PHB if quest not completed):

Common clothes, 1 gp

Costume clothes, 10 gp

Fine clothes 30 gp

Traveler’s Clothes 4 gp

Cloak of many fashions 60 gp (one in stock!)

Side Quest:

Clarrisa has not had a good night’s sleep in years. If the party can get her something to help with this, she’d be happy to offer them a discount… Help Clarrisa safely clear 4 levels of exhaustion.

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That's my start. Let me know if you want me to keep going next week. Any and all suggestions are welcome! Like I said at the top, feel free to change these two to fit your needs and use them how you want. The only thing I ask is if anyone draws them, please post them on this subreddit to show it off to everyone!

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