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Death of the Jake NPC 2

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Are you tired of your players going up to a person and asking their name, and all you can think is "uhhhh Jake?" Here are a few premade NPCs that are ready to go next time your players decide they want to talk to a random person or explore a random place. If you need some inspiration, these characters are yours to use. They come with a base stat block, a setting you will most likely find them in, an appearance description, a history, a shop (if applicable), and a small side quest that your players can do, if they have the time.

Round 2! This week, by request I have three NPCs that you might run into in a swampland village setting. As always, feel free to use as much or as little of these characters as you want. My only request is if you do art for them, please post it on this subreddit so I can see! I’m trying out a character who has an “interaction” instead of a shop aspect to him, let me know what y’all think.

Irthros Lizardfolk shopkeep STR 12 DEX 10 CON 16 INT 8 WIS 11 CHA 7

SETTING: Irthos’ shop can be found in a swampy region, and travels from village to village selling his furs.

APPEARANCE: Long before you approach his stall, you see his majestic golden frill atop his scaly head. He has a small tuft of a beard adorning his yellow eyes. He wears very little actual clothes, only wearing a loincloth out of modesty. Do not confuse his lack of clothing as a nakedness, though. He covers his top half with different armors, weapon carriers and shields. He has a small armguard on his left shoulder, which covers a raw spot that has no scales. If you trade him something, he might even show it to you.

HISTORY: Irthos was born to a tribe of craftsman lizardfolk. Their way of thought was, if their weapon is good enough, even an idiot can survive. Taking this to heart, Irthos started to train to be a blacksmith, forging weapons that could be used for hunting. One day, while gathering materials in a nearby mine, he witnessed a gnome being attacked by a horde of vegepygmies. The gnome picked up a stone, and was able to tie it to a stick and beat the chief down, causing the rest of the horde to flee. The crude craftsmenship bothered him, but he also saw the power of improbable weapons. He started to experiment with slings and other weapons that can use the environment around you to your advantage. He now travels the swamplands searching for new and exciting ways to wield the world as your weapon. After all, what better weapon than the world the enemy is sitting on?

SHOP: Weaponsmith for trade Irthos does not care for gold or money. He prefers the art of the barter. What good is a bag of gold when you are caught in the stomach of a Froghemoth? Much better to have a weapon to slay the beast. As such, he can forge any nonmagical weapon for you, provided you give him the material components and a little something extra. He prefers to have interesting and unique styles of weapons (ie a dagger with a heart shaped into it’s blade or a mace with porcupine quills instead of metal spikes) and will happily work on better weapons for you. DM’s discretion on which weapons are available and what components they require

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SIDE QUEST: Space Sword “A week ago, a star fell from the sky somewhere in the swamp. I have not been able to locate it. If you find it, and mine it, I will make you a weapon from the star.” Find the meteorite that crashed in the swamp, and return it to Irthos to get a weapon forged from it. The weapon should have a minor magical trait about it. See small list bellow: D12 1 Glows red with certain enemies are near 2 Deals additional 1d6 fire damage 3 Cannot get dirtied, will never dull 4 Has Thrown trait 5 Changes color with mood 6 Makes strange sounds as it is swung, confusing enemies 7 A ray of light shines down upon the wielder as it is unsheathed, this works even in caves 8 Silent, does not make a sound as it makes contact with an enemy 9 Must be attuned, when attuned, owner will always know location. 10 Spreads glitter as it hits enemy, chance of blindness 11 Always grants advantage on attack, but has -3 to hit 12 Attunement: If owner HP would be lowered to 0 or less, instead it goes to 1, and weapon shatters.

Thokk Sink (Concept by Echo) Half Orc Glass Farmer HP 18 STR 10 DEX 14 CON 16 INT 8 WIS 10 CHA 14 SETTING: Thokk lives in the swamplands, but can be found traveling roads to the city from the swamp once a month to sell his wares. APPEARANCE: You’ll hear the jingling of his cart before you ever see him. As he rounds the bend, you might be startled by his overbearing appearance, sharp teeth, tall stature, and intimidating bone structure. The moment he opens his mouth and speaks with that warm, friendly voice of his, all of that tension immediately evaporates. HISTORY: The child of a noblewoman who fell in love with an orc chieftain, Thokk was a shameful secret of a small noble family out east. When he was 4 years old, his grandfather decided to take matters into his own hands. Late one night, he stole Thokk from his bed, and whisked him away. He took the child to a local wizard, and had him open a portal to a random place somewhere in the world, claiming he wanted to show his grandson the world. Once the portal was open, the evil man threw Thokk into it, and slit the wizard’s throat, closing the portal and losing Thokk somewhere in the world. Thokk found himself in a swampland, alone and lost. As he cried himself to sleep, he heard something approaching. The biggest snail he had ever seen moved right by him, leaving a shiny trail behind him. Terrified, Thokk sat there, silently weeping for fear of attracting the monster’s attention. He jumped into the tree when the halfling snuck up on him. His name was Jaron, and was a Flail Snail Farmer. He adopted the lost child on the spot, and trained him to be a farmer just like him. INTERACTION: Happy to help, this flail snail farmer is willing to help with anything the adventurers need. Inn too expensive? Come spend the night at the farm! Lost on the road? He’ll happily escort you to the next town! Need some rumors? He doesn’t have a bad thing to say about a soul, but will mention some interesting rumors about happenings around town. Need some help dealing with an angry shopkeep? Thokk installed most of the windows in the area. Maybe he can mediate a good deal.

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SIDE QUEST: Old Bluer “One of my oldest and favorite Flail Snails has been infected with something. Can you take a look and see if you can’t help him out? I’d hate to have to put him down.” Objective: Try to figure out what is wrong with the snail, and try to heal it if possible. NOTE: Flail Snails are resistant to magic, so Restoration spells will not work on them. Reward: Flail Snail Shell. “This old thing? I’ve had it in the shed ever since Old Redder died last year. Feel free to take it as a thanks for helping Old Bluer.” Flail Snail shells are worth a lot of GP or can be fashioned into anti-magic armor. See Volo’s Guide to Monsters for more details on this fascinating creature.

Flora Ambross Human Level 3 druid, Level 7 Wizard STR 7 DEX 9 CON 14 INT 17 WIS 16 CHA 10

SETTING: As you traverse any swampland, you may stumble upon a clearing. If you look closer, you might see a small little cottage, made out of blackened wood, with a chimney, always smoking. As you approach, you might find that the house has small little candies in a pot by the door. Feel free to help yourself to one, if you dare.

APPEARANCE: Upon first look, Flora is a stout old lady, with a crooked nose, black hair, and a tinge of green on her skin. Her lips are as black as the night, and her teeth sharp like knives. She wears a black robe and a tall black hat. If she enjoys your company, she might take off the hat to dispel the glimmer around her. Her actual features are quite tame in comparison to the performance she puts on. Her nose straightens out, as her hair flows from black to red. Her skin turns pale, and her teeth turn straight. No matter what she looks like, her voice is calm, warm and welcoming… Unless you mistreat her.

HISTORY: Flora was one of three sisters growing up. While her sisters were skilled in the magical arts of illusion and transmutation, Flora flourished with herbology and the healing arts. Her sisters, performing flashier and flashier magics, grew popular with the townsfolk and went off to live lives of extravagance. Flora, who was not so gifted with people skills, decided to isolate in the swamps, where she could grow her plants and just stay out of people’s way. Due to her isolation, she became known as The Witch of the Woodland. She decided to embrace these legends and asked her sister to create the glimmer hat that she now wears. Strangely enough, people started to seek her out, now that she was a slightly famous witch. After all, who better to go get a potion made than a witch? She started to capitalize on this venture, and will sometimes go to a local village to sell her wares.

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SHOP: Potions The Witch of the Woodland sells many potions, and can sell any potion in the PHB or DMG (or any other at DM’s discretion). However, make sure to note which ones came from her, as there is a 10% chance it might have an additional effect. 1- The potion causes gastric distress. Gain 1 level of exhaustion. 2- The potion turns the drinker into an unnatural color for 1d12 hours 3- The potion makes the drinker glow for 1d12 hours. Disadvantage on all stealth checks. 4- The potion makes the drinker lose control of their mind for 1d4 hours. Has a craving for Cactus Juice. It’ll quench ya! 5- The potion gives the drinker hives! Disadvantage on all skill checks until the itching stops in 1d6 hours! 96- The potion tastes super spicy! Drinker gains Dragon’s Breath fire damage (XGE 154) 97- The potion tastes banefully bitter! Drinker gains 1d6 temp HP for 1d12 hours 98- The potion tastes sinfully sweet! Drinker gains 1 use of the spell Charm Person 99- The potion tastes strangely sour! Drinker gains advantage on saving throws for the next 1d12 hours 100- The potion tastes dreadfully dry! Drinker gains double the base effect of the potion.

SIDE QUEST: Amber Alert “My niece was supposed to come visit with some supplies from the big city. I got word that she was going to be here yesterday, but I have not seen her yet. Please go find my niece, and I can reward you well!” Objective: Find Fauna Nightingale. She most likely got distracted in the woods on her way over. She does tend to stop and pick the flowers. Reward: a potion of heroism

And that’s week two! As always, let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions on formatting to make these better. Next week I think I’m going to do traveler NPCs, ones to encounter on the road. If you have any other location suggestions or themes to look into, let me know bellow!

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