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Designing a dungeon crawl for a two-shot

Content of the article: "Designing a dungeon crawl for a two-shot"

Originally it was going to be a one shot, but since i have one player who keeps having to sign off a hour before everyone else is ready, I’m going to split it into two and buff up the whole thing

Basically, it’s a heist, with the party contracted by an NPC to break into the city’s dominant religions’ cathedral and find/retrieve a powerful artifact

First step will be to subdue the exterior guards before they escape from the zone of the NPC’s “silence” spell

Next, they have to go inside the cathedral and find the hidden door to the catacombs.

This is where it gets a little more hazy.

In my original one session plan, they’d then face some basic traps and challenges -three identical doors (one is a loop, one is a dead end, one is correct) -walking across a Pit of Hunger, immediately followed by a Wind Tunnel to try and blow them back in

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Then, they’d have the big bad reveal (it’s the NPC who hired them), who runs with the artifact, and the party has to chase him (which turns into a magic carpet chase through the city)

So, with it being two sessions, im thinking that after the pit of hunger, they find some prisoners, one of whom is a Vampire, who escapes and fights (possibly alongside some Vampire Spawn)

That would end session 1.

Session 2 picks up with everyone who survived moving on (anyone who died can be replaced by a freed prisoner); all the damage is retained from the fight

Potential obstacles: -Swarm of eyebats (just a reskinned bat) -Gelatinous cube -Rug of smothering -hiding from a wandering Cavern Choker -maybe finding a mirror which is a passageway

….and that’s it. That’s all I’ve got so far.

Honestly, reading through that second list, that’s like a decent amount of stuff. My bottom line is that I want my players to have fun and to be met with some challenging stuff.

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Do people have any suggestions for good challenges/puzzles/stuff to include in the dungeon?

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