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Developing Story: The Dungeon World, and the Story of Nyx

Howdy, everyone! This tale is just starting out, each of us at Level 1, and I plan to update it after every couple sessions. We begin our story at a dock on a magical island. I, Xeralt the Minotaur Fighter, am greeted by Liirycaen (Leer-ick-ain) the Drow Rogue and Cookie the Dwarf… cook. We agree to join up as a party to take on the mythical, magical, marvelous Dungeonland! We settle up in the inn, and learn about Dungeonland from the innkeeper: Dungeonland was started ages ago by a very powerful mage who sought to provide the best experience for becoming heroes, all with the amenities of a vacation getaway. Quite a number of people go missing in Dungeonland, but the Waiver you have to sign to get on the boat takes care of that.

When we finish our meal, and set our sights on Dungeonland! Entering the lobby, we are directed to a door to our right. When we step through, we are paced in a room with a gently swirling vortex of individual socks, none with a match. After Cookie recognizes one of the socks, we move into a room that has 5 orcs. After a brief combat where many critical hits were landed, we searched the room and bodies for goodies and secrets. We found some gold, a few unspent weapons, and a secret door to a forge, operated by two chipper dwarves. They gave us a deal on some potions of fire resistance to settle up a bet: we go five levels into Dungeonland without upgrading my equipment, and they'll craft us some goodies at a heavy discount. They settled up because they were, "…giving us a headstart."

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After finding the dwarves, we treaded the path forward to find a room where a crowd was beginning a Running of the Bulls. However, the Bulls in question were a horde of angry Minotaurs chasing a nude gnome, pained red, wearing Boots of Haste. I almost failed a willpower against chasing the little naked creature, but barely ignored it. Scooping up Cookie, and bracing against the crowd, we pushed onward to find a door that led to a vaulted ceiling room and many different statues of dragons. In the center of the room was a pedestal of stone with a book on it, closed, and bound in thick leathers. Liirycan approaches the book and opens it, and the pages begin to turn themselves, flipping quick as a flash, until it suddenly stops… on the page concerning black dragons. Just as it happens, the statue immediately to our right crumbles to reveal a pitch black egg. Then it began to hatch.

After a Nat 20 Animal Handling check, we managed to convince it to follow us back to the room with the dead orcs… where she promptly ate them all. After her meal, she happily followed us around the rooms, often demanding more meat from Cookie, and asking if she could eat "the meaty one", gesturing to me with her tiny paws. When we reached the last room, the boss of the level, Liirycaen managed to get a sleep poison arrow to pierce the hide of the Hellhound pack leader, knocking him unconscious for one full minute. After taking care of the hellhounds, we let Nyx have the final kill on the sleeping Pack Leader, melting his skull and gnawing his spine in the most horribly adorable fashion.

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We are rewarded by the appearance of a magical chest containing 100gp, a Wand of Magic Missiles, an Oil of Magic Weapon, and a Scroll of Mage Armor. Then, we take our winnings, and head back to our rooms, being sure to keep Nyx fed enough along the way to not assault the other patrons.

I'll carry on when more happens, going over the more eventful happenings and influential moments. Our DM surprised us with the dragon's amicability, and we are all looking forward to our future in Dungeonland. We all immediately fell in love with Nyx, and are now ruminating on just how we are going to care for the little lass, who we were luckily able to communicate with thanks to Liirycaen being able to speak Draconic. Now we have a hangry baby to take care of.


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