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Did I accidentially create Green Arrow in DnD?!

Content of the article: "Did I accidentially create Green Arrow in DnD?!"

I have a Human Arcane Archer 12, Armorer Artificer 3 I've been playing for quite some time.
And recently, I was chatting on a DnD discord, mentioned that my character had crafted arrows that deal bludgeoning damage, and someone reacted to that with a picture of Green Arrow's boxing glove arrow.
I knew about other superheroes, but had mever heard of Green Arrow so far, so I decided to read up about him – and realized my character bears a ton of similarities to that superhero.

  • My character uses high-tech equipment he developed and crafted himself, including his bow (oathbow/+2 bow), which resembles a modern compound bow, and his power armor (infiltrator model).
  • As an Arcane Archer he gets some “Speciality Arrows“ to shoot, and he has crafted some more special arrows like the ones that deal bludgeoning damage.
  • My character is at an incredible physical comdition with Proficiency in Acrobatics, Expertise in Athletics (Prodigy, Skill Expert), Expertise in Stealth, Guidance and Gloves of Thievery and Gloves of Climbing and Swimming. I also consider either multiclassing War Wizard to pick up spells like Shield, Enhance Ability, Misty Step… or Rogue for more Expertise and either the Scout or Assassin subclass.
  • And finally, my character, while not being particularly wealthy, has similiraties in personality with Green Arrow, such as being the son of a bowyer family whose business is well-known amongst their homelands, he is not as much law oriented as others, and more on the left-wing side in politics. And my character has tattoos…
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So, yeah, my character could be renamed to Green Arrow…

Did it happen to you as well that you realized that your original DnD character was very similar to an existing character you did not know beforehand?

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