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Did I make the right call?

Content of the article: "Did I make the right call?"

I was using a slightly modifed version of Grimtooths 'The infamous wheel trap'

The party entered a room with barrels placed throughout, there was a slope leading up, 15 foot wide, with a 5 foot groved down the middle big enough that a person could lay in it and be flush with the surface

3 Party members investigate the grove and slop – one thinks this is how they get the barrels down here and pays particular attention to the groove, so I can highlight it's features – we even make a 'getting is grove on joke' – The stressing of the grove will be important later – the barrels hold a caustic liquid

Walking up the slope triggers the trap – the illusionariry wall drops, and the party sees a 15 foot long 14 footish talll wheel barreling at them – leaving around a foot of clearance to the roof

Two brace themselves to take it….yep…..1 runs to the barrel room, 1 gets ready to use dimension door as a misty step esk spell and blip OVER the wheel…..Another one caused a debate, and it's that ruleing I want to see if I'm in the wrong on. The Sorc mage handed a crowbar with the wedge end under the wheel to jam it….I'm of the mind however you applied a crowbar this thing barreling at you isn't going to stop – the moment it hits it mage hand won't hold it and it's just going to run over it….real world physics may allow this I'm not an expert

I then gave no save, as I don't care about armour protecting you – this is a massive object hurtling at you – it's going to hit – and hurt – AC may absorb some impact but no plate or robes this is hitting and hurting, D&D doesn't do absorption etc…the rogue dashing for freedom got a dex save to throw himself clear, and a 2nd one to avoid the acid – I did only go with 4d8 damage as I didn't want this to be a deadly trap – and the rogue dodged the acid spray – the wizard and sorc blip past and see the 2nd smaller wheel in the grove

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I'm fairly confident that no matter how it was applied that crowbar was doing nothing espeically proped up by a 10lb mag ehand – but people who undertand physics may explain to me Im dead wrong and why, as I promised my party I'd double check post session

TLDR – My party tried to wedge a 15 foot wide 14 ish foot tall wheel with a crowbar in a mage hand – I ruled it would do nothing – I also gave no save when it hit them (in a corridor with no where to go)

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