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Digimon D&D Class and Features

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For the past year or so, me and my friend have attempted to create a campaign setting for dungeons and dragons that entirely is dedicated to D&D. Since there is really no tabletop or a game that provides an OC insert sort of game. We have attempted to make a game that's somewhat true to the lore of the games and to the anime favorites. At the moment, we have a good majority of the protagonists for Digimon Adventure 01, soon to finish up Vee-Mon for 02 that'll DNA with Wormmon. We have the 4 big ones from Tamers being Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon, and lastly Impmon (This one was hard, but my friend was very helpful on lore). There's also 2 different subclasses/routes for Agumon to digivolve into either the Data Squad/Savers version or into Taichi's version with a possibility to turn into Wargreymon. We've placed a table of contents to traverse easier, because we have like 50 pages…

In no way, shape, or form would this class and its features be balanced enough for a regular D&D game, as a mast majority of these characters can accordingly by the lore, destroy the WHOLE world… But that was why everything here has it's strengths and weaknesses. Credit to the wikis for a good lot of what we have used. Without it, this probably would've been very messy. All art in here isn't ours either, mostly went to the wiki and put them on here or found something from an anime that had a good high render and no background.

We haven't created encounter digimon yet, mostly we've taken pre-existing monsters (Like and Ogre for Ogremon) and added stuff in along with a small boost of health. So for GM's, we do plan on creating some stuff for you later on.

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Hopefully you all enjoy, but this won't be the end yet! We have plans for creating a class based on Season 4 and 5. We also plan on adding more digimon to be used, so updates will be posted when finished! If anyone has questions, I'll do my best to respond on here!

Digi-Destined Class by HollowSpartan and King_of_Ducking: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1UHV_vNBN8-64J1T9q0Mc7QixTEBd_mFvfPPc4uaZyYg/edit?usp=sharing

Digimon Features (also embedded in the class link): https://docs.google.com/document/d/11frCHGEnT3PAjRMGP06bMAqEndB6TBBssK4Uj8KcXOQ/edit?usp=sharing

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