Dungeons & Dragons Online

Digimon Homebrew Ver. 1.1

Full Class info w/comments enabled: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jwsrRvcOHODoCDL96BdAapoDpGqZIzco/view?usp=sharing

I have already posted my Digimon homebrew previously. There's been a number of changes I've made since my previous post. The following things have been added/changed:

  1. Vulnerabilities, Invulnerabilities, and Senses
  2. Saving Throws (except Mega-level, which are pending)
  3. More Tamer Cards. Tamer Cards were also rebalanced.
  4. Class/Subclass feature language and order (starting armor was removed)
  5. Base HP increase for Ultimate/Mega level
  6. Total Digimon (now at 140 with 28 Rookies!)
  7. Digivolution tree expansion
  8. Fourth Subclass
  9. Multiclassing info

My own group hasn't been able to playtest at all due to delays, so please feel free to try it before me. That being said, I truly need feedback from anyone willing to playtest. The following areas are currently needing assistance:

  1. Saving throws from Megas. I'm on the fence between 2 or 3 STs, so any opinions on the matter are appreciated.
  2. Digivolution tree expansion. Despite my efforts I doubt I'm even close to covering enough Digimon that everyone is interested in. Let me know if I missed something on an existing tree or a whole tree.
  3. Balance between Digimon on the same level. With 28 Rookies, 36 Champions, 34 Ultimates, and 31 Megas, I have little doubt that there is be a balance issue, regardless of my personal efforts. If anyone notices one Digimon seems way favorable over another, leave a comment.
  4. Tamer cards. Please comment on any new cards you'd be interested in seeing.
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I will be working on adding Digimon as enemies (including a short-hand method for DMs to take what I have and make an NPC Digimon from it quickly). More Armor is still on-hold until any comments from playtesters on balance. I am also working on a Stat Block so you can have a semi-ready stat block for your choice.

TL;DR I've updated my previous Digimon homebrew, added the ability for anyone to leave comments on the Google Sheets, and a bunch of other stuff. I appreciate any and all comments, especially for the second list above. It is still untested.

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