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DISASTER AT BADUR’TOR (Full Adventure – Links to the full PDF and Maps in the comments.)



“If it were not for their stubborn shortsightedness in the face of riches, Dwarves would have certainly conquered the world eons ago.” – All Historians Everywhere –

For almost a decade, Badur’Tor served two purposes. It was a middling mining operation for several common metals. Nothing real exciting, and nothing that drew large teams of miners. But after striking a rich vein of Adamantine the Dwarves of Badur’Tor worked around the clock in strict secrecy to mine it all out before word spread and the small settlement was flooded with prospectors. Its second purpose was to act as a forward outpost for the Kingdom of Kar-Yiros. In the descending tunnels beyond lay the deep places of the earth. The kingdoms known to the surface as the Underdark. But Badur’Tor’s demise did not come from the tunnels beyond… it came from the ones they were digging.

It has been said a lot of ways. Told in countless stories. Sung in a thousand laments. Dwarves dig too greedily, and too deep. Today I would like to tell two stories. The first is the story of what happened to the mining outpost of Badur’tor, when they accidentally uncovered a long forgotten Creed of Illithid, and the second is the story of how it was reclaimed… or maybe, how it was not…

  • Target Party and Level: 4 level 7 players
  • Expected Playtime Playtime: 4-5 Hours
  • Tone: Mysterious and Dangerous

Due to size limits I have left the extra bits and bods out. Expanded Lore and NPC Backgrounds and such.

You can find the full PDF, including stat blocks and maps here.
ADVENTURE: DISASTER AT BADUR'TOR – The Homebrewery (naturalcrit.com)


The First part of the Story, should you choose to do it, is the tale of the day the miners break through into a hidden chamber. This is play through of a historical event, and so it can only end one way, with the demise of the players. When talking to your players about this adventure let them know that, in addition to their regular game and characters, they will play a “Historical Event” and will need a level three character for that. They do not need to spend a lot of time on this character. The first part of the adventure should take about an hour. The second part is where their regular characters come into play. They will be tasked with heading to Badur’Tor and discovering why the community has gone silent. They will have two secondary objectives. Collect or recover this quarter’s Tax Money and get a report from the Overseer or find her ledger. Once they get there they will have to contend with the Illithid and their minions.


  • ACT 1: The Fall of Badur’Tor
  • ACT 2: Uncomfortable Silence
  • ACT 3: Travel to Badur’Tor
  • ACT 4: City in Ruins
  • ACT 5: How do the Illithid Respond


If you’ve never played an AOG adventure, I thought it wise to give you some notes on how I write them. Cuz I do some stuff non traditional like. I’ll put those notes down in the Appendices.


  • Wizards of the Coast and D&D for the amazing job they do providing RPG Content for us to use!
  • Original Story Written by Amplus Ordo Games
  • All Maps and Handouts were done by Amplus Ordo Games using Inkarnate
  • PDF Formatting done using The Homebrewery



The Dwarf Kingdom of Kar-Yiros:

Kar-Yiros was at one time the largest settlement on the continent. However, recent global catastrophes have decimated the population and made the majority of the lower halls uninhabitable by civilized folks. This problem and the unique geographical ligation of Kar-Yiros have put the locals in a strange position for Dwarves. Unable to safely return to the depths of the earth, their kingdom has instead cast their eyes to the depths of the seas. With large harbors on either side of the Mountain they call home they have thrown themselves into seafaring, and they have done so quite well. There is a more thorough summary of their land in the appendices.

About Mind Flayers (Illithid) And Their Minions
There is a LOT going on with Mind Flayers, I’ve written up a solid post about them in the appendices, as well as pasted some info direct from the Monster Manual.


Main: Investigate the Mystery. Overseers hire the players to go investigate.

Backup: Rescue the missing. One of the players has family that lives out that way.

Backup Backup: Treasure Hunting. They’ve heard the rumor that the town found an extremely precious metal and also is now abandoned.


More detailed descriptions and maps, if there are any, can be found in the Appendices.


Kar-Yiros: The Capital City of the Dwarves

Min Darim: Outpost halfway to Badur’Tor

Badur’Tor: The Furthest outpost from Kar-Yiros


I will give a little better description and provide necessary Stat Blocks of these NPCs in the Appendices.

Lots commoners in the first Act that will die – you’ll find some of them in their Locations

Overseer Umdund Gold-Hand: The Kar-Yiros Overseer that assigns the quest

Captain Gigrohr Red-Grip: Leader of the Soldiers sent to investigate.

Khaloth Stout-Heart: Cleric in the group sent to Investigate

Dwarven Soldiers: Guhgyn Twin-Horn, Bruva First-Axe, Ynla Steel-Fist, Elor Broad-Stone

Overseer Gigourm Red-Grip: The Overseer of Min Darim, his son, Gigrohr, is the Captain of the Dispatched Soldiers

Qesalall: The lithid in charge of the “Creed” that has taken over Badur’Tor


"The screaming faded about an hour ago. It had been so loud. Did it stop because it was safe? Or did it stop because no one is left to scream? She wiped the tears from her eyes and gathered her courage. Slipping from her hiding place she came face to face with her worst fears. One final and brief scream echoed through the halls."

ACT 01: The Fall of Badur’Tor

EVENT 1: Morning

This event is the first part of the adventure and seperate from the player’s actual characters. They will play some of the Dwarves from the city and witness Badur’Tor’s final day. They can make their own characters if they like, or I have included some they can be in the Appendices. For the DM it may be much easier to assign characters, or at least roles, so you can help move them quickly in this narrative.

MAP: Badur’Tor Maps
DESCRIPTION: “The city is bustling. Dwarves wake and immediately grab their tools and head to the mine. While others head to the bunkhouse to collapse for a handful of hours of blessed sleep. Carts full of mined ore are rushed toward processing and processed ore is rushed off to the smelters. The city isn’t set up for working Adamantine, but they can reduce the impurities, and ship cleaner ore. The Guards and Overseer surround several large crates containing the processed ore, it looks like they’re going to be ready to move out sometime today.”

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CHARACTER INTROS: Let the players introduce their *new* characters. They will all be going about their morning business. IF they are the type that like exploring things, give them a minute to look around the town. Place each of them somewhere near the mine doing something related to the work. This is an all hands on deck event for the settlement so none of them really get to sit out.

  • Ideal Setup: 2 Miners, 1 Guard, 1 Cleric or 1 Arcane Caster


In the PDF you would a flushed out list here, In order to save character count space I deleted this one. I left the headers though, so you would have a reference for what is in the town.

01) The South Passage

02) Miners’ Rest

03) Turlen’s Mercantile

04) The Mithril Tankard

05) Fendan’s Supplies

06) Borneth Iron-Tale’s Smithy

07) The North Passage

08) Brok Fordur Depository

09) Brok Fordur Keep

10) Brok Fordur Keep, Lower Level

11) The Mines

12) The Pod Chamber

13) Common Dwelling

14) Well-Off Dwelling

EVENT 2: They’ve Found Something!

A bell will start ringing at the entrance from the mines and a few miners will come running out exclaiming they’ve found something. They will be yammering something about how the wall ahead of them collapsed and exposed some strange glowing and pulsing vines. The Overseer will grab a few Guards and call a Mage over to her. She will lead this small group back to investigate Location 11. They player may want to follow behind, but the overseer will instruct them to stay with the Ore. They can still disobey, but likely will not. The overseer and group will be dominated by the Mind Flayers as they get back into the tunnels.

When they come out they will order a few other Dwarves to go back into the tunnel and fill the cart with the “treasure” that they just found. More Fodder for dominating. Soon after that, the Mind Flayers will launch their attack.

ENCOUNTER: Illithid Attack

Plan this attack very tactically. Illithids are not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. They will have already pulled information from the Dwarves about the settlement and made plans to capture and contain them. I suggest moving some of the dominated Dwarves to the Southern entrance to keep people from fleeing that way before launching the attack. Once the fighting starts the battle will play out in waves. Try not to kill the players right off the bat… but they will die, so make it grand!

  • Wave 1: Intellect Devourers burst from the tunnels
  • Wave 2: The Captured Dwarves turn against the others
  • Wave 3: The Illithids will emerge and start wrecking shop

ACT 02: Uncomfortable Silence

Time to get to our regular players. This entire act will be the quest hook and supplying part of the adventure. Kar-Yiros know very little about what has happened to their outpost. Only that something has happened. They are just now deciding to deal with the issue. Two weeks have passed since act one concluded. So let’s look at a timeline of events.


  • Attack Day – The Dwarves unearth the Mind Flayers Chamber
  • Attack Day – A *Message Spell* arrives from Badur’Tor’s Wizard. “We found something unusual, perhaps extraordinary. Report on findings soon.”
  • Attack Day – The Mind Flayers awaken and decimate the town.
  • Day 8 – The scheduled supply run and tax delivery from Badur’Tor does not arrive.
  • Day 9 – Attempts to magically contact or scry on Badur’Tor fail
  • Day 9 – Kar-Yiros contacts the nearest outpost, Min Darim, and has them send scouts
  • Day 12 – The scouts have not returned
  • Day 13 – Kar-Yiros begins organizing a more skilled team to send
  • Day 14 – Enter the Players

One full week since Kar-Yiro expected a delivery from Badur’Tor. Two weeks since the attack. No one has heard from them since Badur’Tor, save for the one cryptic message sent by their Wizard. Attempts to contact or scry on the area have been unsuccessful. This is particularly disconcerting to local officials as this quarter’s taxes were supposed to arrive with their delivery. Being as far out as it is, folk don’t normally travel to and for unless they are there from the settlement and head to the larger settlements for supplies, so no traditional information has come that way. Therefore the Overseers want to send the players and a detachment of soldiers out there to investigate.

  • Main objective: Discover what happened to the outpost, and look for survivors if there was some sort of calamity.
  • Secondary Objective: Collect or recover this quarter’s Tax Money
  • Secondary Objective: Get a report from the Overseer or find her ledger.

NOTE: Because of the first act they do know what they will be facing, and that is 100% intentional. A group of Mind Flayers may be the deadliest encounters in the mid-level tier of the game. A little meta-gaming here should be passable. The soldiers are really there as cannon fodder, but a few bad rolls for saving throws and a TPK is really possible with Mind Flayers.

ACT 03: Travel to Badur’Tor

This act is divided into Four events. The first two day leg of travel. In which there should be some non-violent random encounter. After which they arrive at Min Darim, an outpost not unlike Dadur’Tor, but a little bigger. Last chance to Resupply. They will also get some more information here, but not much. After that it is another two days to Badur’Tor. Along that way there is another random encounter. One of these could be dangerous. Just before they hit Badur’Tor they will be ambushed by Two Mindflayers and some Intellect Devourers. They “shouldn’t” have any casualties here, but you never know, dice often tell a different story.

If you are trying to trim time, skip or hand pick the road events to ones you think tell a good story or speed things along. I do think they are necessary to give the feeling that Bardur’Tor is really far away from civilization.

EVENT 3: Random Event 1 (d6)

These events should be non-violent and tip on the funny side. They are intended to ease the players from the tension. Do one event for each day of travel to Min Darim.

  • 1 – Prospectors, crazy old Dwarves looking to strike it rich.
  • 2 – Merchant, someone on the road selling Trinkets, maybe has some magic item they don’t know about.
  • 3 – Flumphs, a herd of wild Flumph appears! What a strange sight
  • 4 – Circle of the Land Druid (Underdark), Is weird and collects small vermin and insects. He may however be able to tell them that the land to the North is sick and angry.
  • 5 – Bat Swarm (Maybe minor combat?) A swarm of bats rushes out of nearby tunnels, maybe being chased by some predator like a cloaker?
  • 6 – Bounty Hunter Tracking a Criminal, Durn Long-Arm is looking for an escaped convict. One Hallis Silver-Stein. Hallis is wanted for virtue robbery and theft. He has a poster.

EVENT 4: Min Darim the Halfway Point

This small town has basicas in the way of offerings. Supplies, an Inn, and some Governmental structure. Here they will meet Gigourm Red-Grip, Overseer of Min Darim and Gigrohr’s father. This could set up some NPC side drama that could help the PCs become more attached to their soldiers. Which ultimately will create more interesting choices and drama down the road as they die… or not… Gigourm will fill the players in on their scouts. They sent two capable hunters, who know the area well, out to get answers, they did not return. These were stealthy people who could handle themselves against the dangers in the area. He will also tell them that the road North has grown dangerous again and it is very possible they run into something foul. He thinks the growing threat of the wilderness is what has caused the problem. Even though he is leaning more toward a “natural” issue, he does not undersell things, whatever is going on is likely very dangerous.

EVENT 5: Random Event 2 (D10)

These are intended to be tension building events. Do one event for each day of travel to Badur’Tor.

  • 1 – Cave Fisher Ambush, the creature will attack the last person in marching order.
  • 2 or 3 – They find a dead Formorian. Its has several holes in its head. (THis is the dead mate to the one the Illithid’s have captured and transformed.
  • 3 or 4 – A mysterious prophet appears. She warns them of danger ahead and will bless them if they give her an offering. If they attack her she will use magic to flee. If they pay her she will cast protection from Good and Evil (Aberrations) on one of them.
  • 5 or 6 – The group is attacked by Umber Hulks (3 or 4)
  • 7 or 8 – A natural land bridge over a canyon has collapsed. They can rig something up or travel around, but this adds a day to the trip.
  • 9 – A criminal, Hallis Silver-Stein, the man the Bounty Hunter from earlier is looking for, attempts to negotiate protection and passage from the group. He swears he is innocent. He is a 3rd level Rogue.
  • 10 – They spot a Flail Snail. How Fun! Except maybe its been infected by the Illithid and each head of the flail is now like its own Mind Flayer… oh man that is terrifying, I’m doing it.
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EVENT 6: Mind Flayers r Ambush

On their last night of camping or just before they hit town they will be attacked by Mind Flayerss.

ENCOUNTER: Two Mind Flayers and Four Intellect Devourers.

ACT 04: City in Ruins

Depending on how the players approach this, there will be a lot of overlap between Act 4 and Act 5. When they get to the outskirts of the city. The two missing scouts will find them. Bingann Even-Fist and Sally Vast-Mantle, unfortunately they are being dominated by Intellect Devourers and will attempt to lead them into a trap. If the players follow the scouts. They will end up coming out of a tunnel into the Inn near the Thrall Chambers, where they will be converged upon by Thralls. This is a “trap” but it eliminates the Thralls from the fight later, so it is actually their best option.

Once they can see the settlement proper it becomes clear that the Mind Flayers have begun to fully integrate Ilithid culture into the outpost. If the Thralls are still alive they may be shuffling around. There will be strange vine-tentacle growths in many places, that seems to be transforming the structures into something more acceptable to the Illithids. The tentacle-vines have been grown over the doors of buildings and in the chimney’s limiting their ability to move without dealing with them. The vines are linked to the brain that the Illithids are growing. It will not be able to tell the Mind Flayers they are being attacked, but the brain will certainly respond. So if you are playing in an environment that the Mind Flayers do not know the players are there yet, this will be a tip off to the Illithids that there is a problem.

NOTE ON ENCOUNTERS: There is a lot of encounter variation in this adventure depending on a lot of factors.

NOTE ON TENTACLE-VINES: The vines are always a potential combatant. Anytime a player gets near the Vines they respond. The response from the vines depends on the state of things the Vines consider allies. Out of combat they send messages of creatures passing along to their masters. But in combat they become an active participant. Those near them can be attacked.

NOTE ON LOCATIONS: I have reposted the Locations here, with updates to many places now that the Mind Flayers have taken over. I have included a lot of optional encounters with Illithid transformed creatures. These are not mandatory and do little to move the story forward. Treat them more like possible random encounters. To be used if necessary.

01) The South Passage

A wide and long road leading south. Anyone entering the settlement from this direction will immediately notice the Keep. The tentacle-vines will be clearly seen here on the side of the buildings.

There is a notice board on the Wall of the Keep here

  • A warning notice about a Giant in the hunting canyons
  • A request for more supply drivers heading to Kar-Yiros
  • A local edict that all citizens must abandon the Northern homesteads until further notice.
  • A Notice that the Adamantine veins are petering out. Survey teams need to be organized to explore new areas nearby.

(Phase 2)

There is an Illithid transformed Formorian wandering the area here. They may have found its mate’s body on their trip to the settlement. If it spots them it will certainly raise the alarm.

ENCOUNTER: Formorian-ithid.

02) Miners’ Rest

A bunkhouse for local miners who don’t own a home in town.

(Phase 2)

Upstairs they will find a constructed barricade where the Dwarves held out for a bit before being overrun.

03) Turlen’s Mercantile

General good store. Not much in the way of Adventurer’s needs, but things like rations and basic household gear can be bought here. Owned and operated by Turlen and Eme Boulder-Horn.

(Phase 2)

REWARDS: There are lots of basic living supplies in this store that they could grab. Actual treasure has already been taken by the Mind Flayers.

04) The Mithril Tankard

The local Tavern. Usually it is packed by locals, but right now with how much the locals are working the place is less than half full. Owned and operated by Bermag and Twyla Bright-Stone.

If the players have been led into the city by the scouts they will emerge here. They door will be unblocked by tentacle-vines. Once they pass through the vines will grow over the door and the Thralls will come up the stairs from below.

(Phase 2)

ENCOUNTER: Thrall Ambush

REWARDS: There is some booze and simple foods in the tavern that they could grab. Actual treasure has already been taken by the Mind Flayers.

05) Fendan’s Supplies

This is a miner and explorer’s supply shop. This store carries most any gear that workers and adventurer’s need. Owned and operated by Fendan and Raymia Thunder-Tale.

(Phase 2)

REWARDS: There are lots of basic adventuring and work supplies in this store that they could grab. Actual treasure has already been taken by the Mind Flayers.

06) Borneth Iron-Tale’s Smithy

The local Smithy. Sells basic weapons, armor, and tools. Owned by Borneth Iron-Tale, and his children.

(Phase 2)

REWARDS: The smithy has been cleared out except for simple raw materials. Actual treasure has already been taken by the Mind Flayers.

07) The North Passage

There is a heavy iron gate over the entrance of this more narrow passage. And beyond it are three more. There is an intricate locking mechanism for the gates off to the left side of the entrance.

08) Brok Fordur Depository

The local bank and treasury. It has currently been converted into a sorting center for other valuable minerals and gemstones pulled out during excavation. Obviously the doors to the Vault and Secret Vault are locked with Very Hard to Nearly Impossible skill checks.

(Phase 2)

This place has been cleaned out. Actual treasure has already been taken by the Mind Flayers. They have not discovered the secret room. Those that knew about it were killed before their minds could be absorbed,

  • SECRET DISCOVERY: The Secret Chamber
  • The chests are filled with Gold bars.
  • 70 Gold Bars (50gp each)

09) Brok Fordur Keep, Main Level

This large and well built keep is fairly standard looking “Town Hall” style fortress for the Kingdom of Kar-Yiros. It has two wings and a lower level. The Overseer holds local court here and a garrison of guards is kept below.

(Phase 2)

The keep has been extensively infected by the tentacle vines. The entire lower level has been overtaken, and the main level is a little more than half covered.

9a) Great Hall: The hall is almost completely transformed by tentacle-vines

9b) Throne Room: Qesalall, and three other Mind Flayers will be in this room. They will attempt to “lure” the players toward their side in an attempt to get them close enough for them to Mind-Blast or Dominate Creature attacks.

ENCOUNTER POSSIBILITY 1: Qesalall, 3 Mind Flayers, 2 Intellect Devourers

ENCOUNTER POSSIBILITY 2: Qesalall, Mind Flayer, 4 Thralls, 2 Intellect Devourers

9c) Overseer’s Quarters: These have been cleared out except for the furniture.

10) Brok Fordur Keep, Lower Level

10a) Stairwell: The two statues are Stone Golems. When The Mind Flayers breached the Vault they animated to attack them. However they were restrained by the tentacle-vines. If they are freed they will immediately head toward the Mind Flayers and begin attacking. If the Mind Flayers are dead they will start destroying anything Illithid related.

10b) Restoration Chamber: The Main group of Mind Flayers rest in these pods.

10c) Library and Document Office: Lots of Administrative information, but some more typical Library holdings. The Overseers Journal will be here.

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10d) Brain Pool: The Mind Flayers have begun forming an Elder Brain here. It is not yet self aware, but will be soon. There will always be two Mind Flayers here tending the Brain. They will not leave it under any circumstances.

ENCOUNTER: Two Mind Flayers, and the “Elder” Brain

This is the actual Boss Fight, the Brain is not yet fully formed, but it is far from defenseless. ANy living Mind Flayers will rush here to help defend the Brain. Once the Brain dies the Tentacle-Vines will go still.

REWARD: The treasure they have captured is being hidden in the walls by the vine-tentacles. There is about 5k in various coins and goods in here. (Some of that is the missing Taxes) You should also add a few magic items appropriate to your party.

11) The Mines

What started out as a copper and Iron mine took a sharp turn a few weeks back when they discovered Adamantine. Since then the Dwarves have been furiously and recklessly attempting to get all the ore out before word gets out. Railways have been built in the larger sections, although some of the smaller ones are still being worked. There are tunnels behind some buildings that were closed off and built over once the mineral veins ran dry.

(Phase 2)

The mines are now overrun with tentacle-vines. This is also where the more monstrous creatures are kept. There will be several Intellect Devours living here as well as some transformed Grell. Trespassing into the mines will draw the creatures attention.

ENCOUNTER: 4 Intellect Devourers and 2 Grell-ithids

12) The Pod Chamber

There is a Creed (Small Faction) of Mind Flayers that have put themselves into suspended animation here. The chamber is powered by a small “brain” device that the Mind Flayers installed a Century ago. Once the room is discovered the Mind Flayers will awaken. They will begin dominating the Dwarves closest to the chamber. Once they’ve hit their domination limit they will send out several Intellect Devourers and begin their conquering of the settlement.

(Phase 2)

The pods here will have been converted into transformation tubes for converting humanoids into Mind Flayers. There are eight Dwarves here. Maybe some of their earlier characters! These folks cannot be saved without massive magics like True Resurrection or Wish. If they are freed they will later transform into Mind Flayers and are likely attack whoever is nearby. But they may flee if they feel trapped.

13) Common Dwelling

This is a common Dwarven Dwelling. There isn’t anything overly special happening here.

REWARDS: There is not much here that they could grab. Actual treasure has already been taken by the Mind Flayers.

14) Well Off Dwelling

This is a more well off Dwarven Dwelling. There isn’t anything overly special happening here.

REWARDS: There is not much here that they could grab. Actual treasure has already been taken by the Mind Flayers.

15) Thrall Chambers

Those that have been completely enthralled sleep here when they need to rest. There are eighteen Thralls in total. If the Thralls were not killed in the ambush encounter, there will always be six here sleeping. Every eight hours another six come into the room, and the ones here wake and go about their masters business.


16) Creature Transformation Pods

This former residence has been transformed into Mind Flayer laboratory where they experiment on other creatures, transforming them into Illithid-Hybrids. Currently there is a Carrion Crawler in the pool and Grell in the Pods. These creatures are in the forming stage and do not yet have any Mind Flayer Powers. If they players attack them we will use their base stats from the MM. This would be a fun place to play the creatures off as “dead” until someone is actually really close to them. Without a Mind Flayer there to calm the beast they will be violent enough to break the glass.

ENCOUNTER: Carrion Crawler and 6 Grell

ACT 05: How do the Illithid Respond

This Act will be more about a few “How does this Play Out?” thoughts than an actual act. There are really two types of scenarios that could play out here, and then some branches inside of those split. The Mind Flayers either know the players are here or they do not. I am going mostly to focus on what things may be doing in those two scenarios.

Thralls: If the Mind Flayers are unaware the Thralls will be roaming the city going about their business. If they are aware then either the Thralls are pretending to not know, or will be used in the Scout Ambush Encounter.

Mine Creatures: No matter the awareness of the Mind Flayers, these creatures will swarm the players the moment they are aggravated.

The Formorian: No matter the state of Awareness, it will seem unaware. However it can be added to any encounter, which could make the Scout Ambush truly scary as this giant thing comes running in.

The Mind Flayers: There are Eight of them. Two should have already been dealt with on the way here. Two are guarding the Brain. That leaves Qesalall and three other Mind Flayers in the Throne Room.

If the Mind Flayers are aware of them (Which is by far the harder scenario here), then they will have been attempting to capture the players in order to eat their brains. However, once they have successfully fought off the Thralls and the Formorian, and maybe the Mine Creatures, the Mind Flayers will begin to consider other options. They still believe they could win the fight, but the cost might be higher than they are willing to pay. Therefore I suggest luring them into the throne room with Qesalall and have the others be hidden in the tentacle-vines. You may even want to have had them save a few Thralls, or have summoned some other creatures, to help in this.

If they are unaware then the remaining four should be spread out in the Area. I would put Qesalall and one other in the Throne Room, one in the Creature Transformation Pools or near the Mines, and the last one in the Library. In these instances they should never be alone. If you feel this is a little light, feel free to add a few more. They should always have Thralls or creatures nearby.


EVENT FINAL: The Final Silence

Once the Brain is dead the Tentacle-Vines will go still. They are still alive, but no longer have the ability to sense interact with their environment in any special way. Until they are dealt with they will continue to grow and transform the surroundings. The players can search out the city at their leisure and sooner or later will discover the journal and tax money. If you want to give them a bright spot then perhaps a few citizens made it away south during the attack, and have now returned to see what happened. Whether or not you do that, once the quest items are found, that should prompt the return trip. Which if you want you can roll some more encounters for them. Otherwise just head them home. There should be a stop back at Min Darim, especially if they have some bad new for Overseer Red-Grip. Once they return to Kar-Yiros they will be paid for their work, as the Dwarves try not to panic about encountering Illithids and what that portends for their future.

Thanks for playing an AOG Adventure.

If you enjoyed it, please leave me some comments on wherever you found this adventure. The AOG runs like a D&D Magazine with Adventures, Maps, Stories, and other helpful things. If you would to see more of our content DM me to ask how or follow the links found in the PDF!


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