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Divine Soul Sorcerer / Order Cleric is probably one of the best supporter and god does it make fun to play a backline commander

Content of the article: "Divine Soul Sorcerer / Order Cleric is probably one of the best supporter and god does it make fun to play a backline commander"

Did you ever want to play a full fledged backline supporter only to find out that healing and buffing isn't as awesome since damage and crowd control is king? Now with this build you can finally heal, buff and add an enormous amount of damage to your group. How? Well by combining the magical might and flexibility of the Divine Soul Sorcerer with the buffing and damaging potential of the Order Cleric. Even better we can flavour it completly like a backline commander that spouts orders to his team. So let's take better look at this Divine Soul Sorcerer X / Order Cleric 1+ multiclass.


Central part of this particular multiclass is the Order Domain Cleric's first level feature 'Voice of Authority (VoA)'. This feature allows one ally to make a reaction based weapon attack after we affected him with one of our leveled spells allowing us to weaponize our support spells. We then combine it with the high flexibility of the Divine Soul Sorcerers spell list and meta magic to super charge this feature. Central to this is the Haste spell which gives our martial friend an extra action and some nice buffs.

But let's look at a few examples for demonstrations sake. We start with a Twinned Haste which means that we can add three weapon attacks to the first round of an encounter since VoA triggers another reaction based attack. Next round we might want to cleanse one ally of an affliction with a Distant Lesser Restoration which nets us three weapon attacks again. In the third round we might want to shore up the party's health a bit and use a Quickened Aid. Ohh look, we add four attacks to the round since our martials did three additional martial attacks while we could use our action for a cantrip since we quickened our main spell. Nice. Now we wanna heal a little bit and throw out a twinned healing word. Uhh four attacks again. Awesome.

Or put otherwise, this build makes it extremly easy to supercharge your buddies with additonal attack by buffing them.


  • Good durability thanks to being proficient in all armors and shields while also gaining a ton of defensive buffs and healing
  • Multiple ways to buff your martials by increasing hit chance, defense, healing or giving extra weapon attacks
  • Meta Magic allows a very flexible use of the Cleric's spells
  • It can be roleplayed easily since cleric meshes well with the divine soul sorcerer
  • It can easily be re-flavoured to a backline commander
  • Great against enemies with magical immunities and resistences since they're not targeted by saving throws or magic.
  • You won't care much for legendary resistances since you're mostly buffing
  • Your martials will worship the ground you're walking on.


  • Loosing Concentration on your Twinned Haste can be extremly dangerous and might result in a severe dpr loss
  • The extremly small list of spells known make's it hard to chose spells without becoming a one trick pony
  • You're most likely nothing without your party.
  • There's a surprising amount of spells with semantic components out there making War Caster a must have if you want to combine a shield with a staff without juggling your weapons
  • If you've no martials or martials that use their reaction extremly often, then you might feel useless if you went for the one trick pony route
  • If you buff too much, you might draw a metric shit ton of aggro from intelligent enemies
  • We need quite many Meta Magics if we want to use it to the full potential

The Multiclass

Most people will probably recommend Order Cleric 1 / Divine Soul Sorcerer 19 and yeah it's great. Nearly maxed out the amount of spell points, no spell slot degradation and full asis. Very nice.

Although depending on how many low level cleric spells you intend to use, there is also another dip. Namely a three level order cleric dip. This dip would allow us 4-5 low level cleric spells from first and second levels. That would mean we could take Bless, Shield of Faith, Aid and Lesser Restoration as our spells which can be quite great frankly. After reaching sorcerer lv5 – and learning our main buffing spell – it also shouldn't be too hard to take two more levels in cleric. Warding Bond comes with his own risks though and there might be better options to trigger VoA than Aid. So consider carefully if you want to go down this route. Especially since you're also loosing out on the lv18 feature as well as an ASI.

You probably also want to start with one level in sorcerer for the very important constitution proficiency and then go one level of cleric followed by at least four levels of sorcerer before even thinking to branch out into cleric again.

What's also quite nice is that this build already comes online at lv2 or even lv1 if you want to start as Cleric since VoA is the most important part of the build. At least I had quite munch with it in Lost Mine of Phandelver. Although fully online it's when we get Haste and VoA at lv6.

Some users also mentioned that a Divine Soul Sorcerer 17 / Order Cleric 1 / Hexblade 2 is quite interesting. This would allow you to get a few free spells from the Hexblade spell list like Shield or Armor of Agathys while also giving us a strong main action cantrip with Eldritch Blast. The latter can then be juiced up by Agonizing Blast while our second Invocation will either be Repelling Blast for even more support or Eldritch Mind for the sweet advantage on Concentration checks which allows us to learn another feat instead of War Caster. The additional spells won't be as awesome as what two additional levels of Cleric could give us though. Later on a Quickened Eldritch Blast might also compete with your VoA. If we evet get to that point we might even just go for a standard SorLock, but that's a decision everyone should make for themselves.

Level progression wise I recommend Sorcerer 1, Cleric 1 and Sorcerer 5. At that point we can either go deeper into Divine Soul Sorcerer or maybe make a dip based in the other two classes. The choice is yours.

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Stat's are actually a bit annoying without Tasha's attribute reallocation since we are a teensy little bit MAD if we want everything. Important is of course to start with a 16 in charisma, a 14 in constitution and a 13 in wisdom so that we can actually make good use of our spells. Then you go for 14 dexterity and dump strength for medium armor. Alternatively you go for 15 strength and 10 dexterity if you want to be a heavy healer boy. It's mostly a personal choice in what you like better. Although I would recommend the medium armor route since the attributes are way easier to achieve. The buff to initiative is a little bit better since we actually want to buff our group before they can act. Note that you can actually dump charisma by quite much if you decide to be a one trick pony, but that would make you extremly unflexible in my opinion.

That said most races with cha +2 and int or wis +1 do work quite well with the medium armor variant. As do races with +2 dex and +1 cha as well as vHuman. Stat wise do Half-Elves and sHumans go well with everything.

I for myself chose pre-Tasha's an Autmun Eladrin because damn do we get a small amount of spells to work with and that short rest port really saves lives. The 13 in Wisdom also allows me to shore up my mental defenses later on with resilient wisdom, but that's mostly my personal choice.

  • Str: 8
  • Dex: 12+2
  • Con: 14
  • Int: 10
  • Wis: 13
  • Cha: 15+1

With Fey Touched available I would honestly go for any race that allows us to start with a 14 in Dex as well as Con, a 13 in Wis and a 17 in Charisma since taking that feat is just so awesome. With Tasha's attribute re-allocation Tiefling become one of the premier races for this build thanks to their additional spells. Changeling's for their non-illusion-based Disguise Self or all the races with magical resistances – especially Yuan-Ti – are also great choices. It might also be easier for a more evil aligned race to justify this multiclass since Asmodeus also has the Order Domain. But let's go with a Fierna or Dispater Tiefling since they give us some nice utility spells.

  • Str: 8
  • Dex: 14
  • Con: 14
  • Int: 8
  • Wis: 12+1
  • Cha: 15+2

If you don't want or need extra spells then I would seriously recommend taking a vHuman since getting an early War Caster or Meta Magic Adept is huge.

  • Str: 8
  • Dex: 13+1
  • Con: 14
  • Int: 9
  • Wis: 13
  • Cha: 15+1

Ability Score Improvements

This build can be build a a wide variety of ways. So I'm showcasing a few options that sound quite promising.

  • Cha +2-4: Since we're mostly buffing is increasing charisma in the beginning not as important as it's on other mage classes. It's still important though if we don't want to be one trick ponies for the errant crowd control or cantrip spell here and there
  • Meta Magic Adept: Getting two more Meta Magic's and a few more Sorcery Points is huge since we have a use for quite many of them.
  • Fey Touched: Probably one of the best half-feats in the game. We not only get a +1 on our caster attribute, no we also get two spells known which we can cast for free once per day. Two good spells at that since Misty Step is always awesome to have while the first level spell can be the great Gift of Alacrity or even Bless which would free up one of our Cleric spells. On a Sorcerer it's even better since getting even one more spell known is an increase of around 6% while getting two is around 12% compared to the baseline Sorcerer.
  • Shadow Touched: Like Fey Touched only with fewer good spells. If would probably only recommend this over Fey Touched if you need the utility spells direly. Depending on spell it can be better than Magic Initiate (Sorcerer) though. If you really want both, then maybe take a look at vHuman.
  • Magic Initiate: Damn we really have so few spells that taking one from the sorcerer list really looks juicy. It sounds a bit strange yes, but remember that it could mean that we can swap out a first level spell with a ninth level one.
  • War Caster: Since we really have quite many spells without material component and we really don't want to lose concentration
  • Resilient: To shore up either con or wis depending on how you built. If you learn resilient wisdom and rounded out a 13 to a 14 you'll also get one more Cleric spell for free
  • Alert: Buff first, think later never
  • Inspiring Leader: For even more support
  • Lucky: To really quadruple down on our concentration saves. With War Caster, Resilient Con and Favored by the Gods it shouldn't be needed though.

Meta Magic

Here's an overview of which Meta Magics are how useful for the build. I've only added the most useful for this build so that the guide won't become too big. Personally I'll probably end up with Twinned, Quickened, Extended and Distant.

  • Twinned: I can't think of a Sorcerer where this isn't great. Twinned Haste, Shield of Faith, Guiding Bolt, Heal, Death Ward and so on. Twin Healing Word and you get a small version of mass healing word without needing to learn a spell. You can also just twin a spell that you have to use in a spell caster just so you can affect an additional martial for 'Voice of Authority'.
  • Distant: You have a surprising amount of touch based buffs. This let's you use your weaponized Lesser Restoration, Revivify, Greater Restoration, Death Ward … without having to brave melee range. And let's be serious, nothing is better than resurrection your tank and enabling him to instantly fuck shit up.
  • Quickened: We have quite the amount of bonus action spells already. Still, this would allow us to be even a bit more flexible.
  • Extended: We have exactly two Cleric spells that give us great mileage for this. Death Ward and Aid. With Fey Touched we have access to a third which is Gift of Alacrity. Simply cast them on your whole party before longresting and wake up with eight hours Death Ward and Aid to go. Consider this carefully since a meta magic for two to three spells is quite expensive even for such a powerful effect.
  • Subtle: Great for not getting counterspelled and casting in silence. Not as great as on other sorcerers though since we don't have space for mind control magic.
  • Careful: This helps in not being as much of a one trick pony by allowing us to fire of a fireball, hypnotic pattern or reverse gravity without hitting our party
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Now we're actually coming to the hard part. So many good spells, so little room for activity. Thus I'm going to say a few words to the top contenders and then make a spell list what should give us a bunch of buffs while also leaving us some leeway.

  • Gift of Alacrity: In a world where winning initiative wins whole encounters this spell is friggin awesome. 1d8 to initiative is just that good. More so on a Sorcerer since we can just buff the whole group with an Extended Gift of Alacrity before taking a nap and then still have it up for eight more hours. Although it's only available through Chronurgy Wizard dip or via Fey Touched. The latter of which is kinda disputed though since it comes from a different setting and is a subclass exclusive for which Fey Touched doesn't care. So better talk with your DM before getting this.
  • Shield of Faith: +2 AC twinned on two party members is great if you' have only smaller slots left and hard hitting enemies. Bonus points for still being able to throw a cantrip around. Prime pick from the cleric list since it doesn't need wisdom.
  • Bless: Bolster your whole parties saving throws and attack rolls for cheap. Awesome. The second prime pick from the cleric spell list since it also doesn't use wisdom
  • Guiding Bolt: It does a very nice amount of damage for a low level spell, can be twinned or quickened and buffs our martial buddies. Awesome. Later on, when your buddies do a whole lotta more damage, it might be a good idea to swap it out since spamming Healing Word for VoA and a Cantrip might be more effective.
  • Heroism: A very nice low level anti-frightened spell that let's us trigger VoA. Can be used with distant, but best of all is that we get it for free with the Order Domain. Although the spellcasting modifier based THP will probably take a hit.
  • Sanctuary: Sounds great, doesn't work. Or might not since we actually want to trigger VoA with a buff which would end this buff. So consider it carefully if you want this spell.
  • Healing Word: The staple healing spell of most supporters. Needs a bonus action, is enough for a pick me up, can be twinned for a pseudo mass version of it and triggers VoA. Sweet.
  • Shield: Not get hit in the face. Take it. Especially since it can make the difference between loosing concentration or not.
  • Absorb Elements: Getting resistance against a Dragon's Breath is always awesome. Try getting it if you have the space
  • Spiritual Weapon: One of the best spells around since it lives for 10 rounds, doesn't use concentration and does some nice damage. Problem is only that we have many bonus actions already spoken for. Especially with Healing Word spam. So not so awesome. My recommendation would be to learn it and if you see that you never use it just replace it. I diddn't really need it.
  • Protection from Poison: Niche little Cleric spell that might be good to learn if you're wading through swamps or fight against green dragons. The one hour duration without concentration is also very nice. You might take this if you're going for a three level cleric dip. Otherwise you probably won't have enough spells free
  • Lesser Restoration: Something each supporter should have to remove debilitating conditions. Now with additional damage thanks to VoA. With the distant meta magic you can also use it to stay out of melee range.
  • Aid: A very nice buff to health points without needing concentration. Nice in itself, but on the other hand we could just spam our first level healing word instead of using a second level slot on it. Like death ward it's great if taken in combination with the extended meta magic.
  • Warding Bond: This is actually a very awesome buff that doesn't use concentration and changes on of your martials into a super tank. Problem is only that you take the damage your tank takes and that brings either your own death or concentration saving throws with it. So it's quite dangerous, especially with Twinned Haste up. True your tank shouldn't be getting hit that often, and what get's through has resistance, but still only use with the utmost care. Also remember that when you and your bonded ally get's hit by an AoE, you will get 1.5 times the damage. It's also quite disputed if this can be twinned or not, but right now I'm not going down that rabbit hole
  • Misty Step: A great get-out-of-a-grapple spell. Take either this or Dimension Door if you have the space. You probably won't unless you learn Fey Touched
  • Web: A nice low level crowd control spell if you need something to pin down some enemies. Later on I would recommend swapping it out with one of the third level crowd control spells.
  • Enlarge/Reduce: A nice twinnable buff that trigger's VoA that can be used until you get Haste.
  • Counterspell: Great as always. Especially since it can counter pesky dispels of your Haste. With Magical Guidance it became even better on a Sorcerer.
  • Revivify: A great resurrection in itself. Can be very nice if you have to resurrect while infight and have a second healer buddy like a Druid or Bard around and with Distant you don't even have to get near him. It's not so great to trigger VoA though since your buddy is probably lying prone and has dropped his weapons.
  • Haste: In most builds this is inferior to crowd control since it gives less actions than crowd control would take and is also quite dangerous. Not this time though since we can twin it and trigger VoA which gives us three additional weapon attacks per round. THREE. Handle with care though, especially if you also use Warding Bond.
  • Slow: One of the greatest lv3 crowd control spells. Helps in not becoming a one trick pony while also letting you chose enemies. Sweet. It's also way more flexible than Hypnotic Pattern
  • Hypnotic Pattern: Another one of the greatest lv3 crowd control spells. I tend to dislike it on the sorcerer though since we have very few spells, it can hit allie and it's a charm against which are around 20% of enemies immune making it effectively not as flexible as we would like.
  • Fireball: Pheeeeeeew. BOOOMSide note: Hitting an ally with an AoE spell actually triggers VoA, but you don't know this from me cough
  • Death Ward: A very strong buff which can be ranged, twinned or elongated thanks to our meta magics. It's actually quite great to have it although I'm still not quite sure how to use it best. Elongated – while very expensive – should do the trick although we would lose the in battle VoA damage.
  • Polymorph: One of our very few multi purpose spells which can basically be used offensively, defensively and for utility. It now can also be twinned and triggers VoA. Take it. On very high levels it might not have that much more use though.
  • Greater Invisibility: Very nice but twinning Haste might be a better use of your concentration. Also needs touchy feely so you either have your two boys nearby for twinning or you just buff only one with distant
  • Synaptic Static: A very nice damage and debuff spell against a very weak save. We might not have the spells for it though.
  • Wall of Stone: A very nice area denial spell. Try to get it into your spell list if possible.
  • Animate Objects: Very strong, but our concentration is also already very much spoken for.
  • Heal: Twinnable and triggers VoA. F*ck that's awesome.
  • Mental Prison: A very nice twinnable damaging crowd control spell that restrains for extra martial buffs. Too bad it's a charm and that we have only a few spells free
  • Reverse Gravity: Great with the careful meta magic and a plethora of ranged martials. Let them fly up and pew pew pew them to death.
  • Teleport: Subtle Teleport is probably one of the best Anti-TPK tools in the book. Take it if you have the space.
  • Wish: Nugh said
  • Mass Heal: Very strong spell to top up your party as well as trigger ToA
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Spell List

I've decided to make this a lv20 spell list so that I can show you how the complete spell list might look later on while also giving you a small overview of which spells are useful at which level. They're sorted by level to help you in retooling it for your own build. Also remember that a Divine Soul Sorcerer get's one more swappable spell than the base sorcerer.

Neither Magic Initiate nor Resilient Wis was taken. The extra spell the cleric 3 dip gives is denoted with an +. If you don't like one of the spells or want another, then I recommend changing one marked with *


  • Charm Person (Fierna Tiefling)
  • Gift of Alacrity (Fey Touched)
  • Heroism (Cleric Domain)
  • Bless (Cleric)
  • Shield of Faith (Cleric)
  • Shield
  • Healing Word
  • Misty Step (Fey Touched)
  • Suggestion (Fierna Tiefling)
  • Lesser Restoration
  • Counterspell
  • Revivify
  • Fireball *
  • Slow *
  • Haste
  • Death Ward
  • Polymorph *
  • Greater Restoration
  • Wall of Stone *
  • Heal
  • Reverse Gravity/Teleport *
  • Wish
  • Mass Heal


  • Charm Person (Fierna Tiefling)
  • Gift of Alacrity (Fey Touched)
  • Heroism (Cleric Domain)
  • Bless (Cleric)
  • Shield of Faith (Cleric)
  • Lesser Restoration (Cleric) +
  • Aid (Cleric) +
  • Shield
  • Healing Word
  • Suggestion (Fierna Tiefling)
  • Misty Step (Fey Touched)
  • Counterspell
  • Revivify
  • Fireball *
  • Slow *
  • Haste
  • Death Ward
  • Polymorph *
  • Greater Restoration
  • Wall of Stone
  • Heal
  • Reverse Gravity *
  • Teleport *
  • Wish
  • Mass Heal


Combine the Order Cleric's Voice of Authority with the Divine Soul Sorcerers Cleric spells and twinned Haste for some awesome buffing, healing and damage potential.

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