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(DIY) DM Battle Mat

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Hi all, I'm a very new DM that got into DND a month ago and ran 3 sessions since. I really loved creating maps in dungeon painter studio for my scenarios, but came to a point where I think battle mat was a good idea to have especially stealing some of your ideas where player can contribute to drawing the dungeon layout etc. So looking up battle mat reviews i realized I could make something similar to the top rated one (Chessex Role Playing Play Mat: Megamat), but working with dry erase markers.

The current one is made for my needs so it's one sided, but I believe i'll be looking at making other flip side too.

Tools used:





-a2 sketch sheet x2

-sheet protectors x8

-celo tape


So first of all I brushed very strong black coffee on both a2 sheets both sides and let it dry giving it a worn paper finish effect.

Then i made 1×1 inch grid on both sheets with ruler and pencil.

once done it was just a matter of cutting sides of sheet protectors – opening two sides up and adding them on each corner of the page. After that carefully aligning everything and sealing with celo tape.

Two problems i encountered was:

-Trapped air: made some holes and pushed it all out.

-Gap in the middle: this was not a problem initially as it was all perfectly aligned and had less than a mil gap, but after moving the mat a little the pages inside moved thus leaving the gap so if it gets in the way i'll open the ends and push the papers towards the middle and seal tightly not allowing them to move anymore.

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If I would do this again, i would definitely look into a way to laminate the a2's or at least would buy anti glare sheet protectors. The glare is not a problem at all, but it looks hideous on a picture.

So far I love it and can't wait to test it in a session. If you guys have any ideas how to make it air tight or seal it, please share. (i tried ironing through a piece of cloth, but that ended up spoiling the sheet protector.

Edit: couldn't add photos so posting links to them:



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