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DM Advice for running 5e games for complete newbies!

Content of the article: "DM Advice for running 5e games for complete newbies!"

Okay GMs of Reddit, I come to you in great need of your wisdoms.

I'm planning to run an introductory game of 5e for some close friends of mine, anywhere from 2-4 players, of which only one has some experience playing DnD. I've run games before, but only as a part time GM for an existing group of players, plus they're experienced players which I find infinitely easier to run for since they know what they're doing, and thus I only need to worry about myself.

But I've never run games for people completely new to TTRPG, or even fantasy settings in general and thus I come asking for tips, advice and answers for a few questions I have. This will also be the first time I'm creating adventures for my PCs to run, usually I have pre-existing campaign settings to jump off that need very little forethought and time to get going.

  1. I'll be running a short lived game first, ideally a one shot, maybe 2-3 sessions at most depending. (still finalising the adventure length with an experienced GM)

  1. How much info should I give the newbies about 5e in general? Should I send them the PHB pdf? Send them parts of it? Link them some videos for newbies? Or just have them learn on session itself?

  1. I do plan to run a session 0, which I've only run once because like I said, my players are experienced and easy to run for. What are the most important things I'll need to think about when doing session 0, especially for newbies?
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  1. Characters. I'll have them start level 3, but how do I do characters for newbies? Pre-gens? A session zero character creation? The one somewhat experienced player will have a character she'd like to bring in, but the others have zero clue on what to do in regards to characters.

Those are the big questions I can think of.

Any other tips, tricks, videos, resources and advice that you can give me would be much apperciated. I want to make this first session engaging, fun and educational as possible for my players.


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