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DM appreciation post!!

Content of the article: "DM appreciation post!!"

my dm is the best.

i used to run a homebrew campaign over discord, and it finished about 4 or 5 months ago. and planning that thing was HARD. single encounters took me hours to prep, the world building was close to impossible to keep consistant, and the storyline kept on getting muddled. but, i managed to get everything sorted in time for the next session. im usually a player, so dming for a first time was tricky, and perhaps such a homebrew wasn't the BEST idea for a first campaign.

and, my current dm- absolutely amazing.

she always seems to have an encounter planned, she lays down some AMAZING world building, the rp in the group is the best i've ever seen it; it's all in all just an absolutely amazing time.

she's also usually a player, and she similarly went for a homebrew campaign. so, i get what she means when she says its hard work. but i think what makes her sessions so good is the fact that she doesn't take control of the game. she keeps it under wraps, and she does know how to say no, but she won't stop a player from trying anything that goes outside from her plans. when i dm'ed, i was always so terrified that i wouldn't be able to come back to the plot if the players got too derailed, so i found myself saying 'no, but-' quite a few times. she's mastered the art of the 'no, but-', although she doesn't use it all that often. whenever we have a new idea, she'll immediately let us try it, and if it doesn't work, then she'll find a way to dig us out of it.

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the way she encorperates backstory is simply AMAZING. she has a little random name picker- what the party calls 'the wheel of trauma'. whoever it lands on gets a snippet of their backstory included in the session. everyone gets their story in the session, but whoever's chosen on the wheel of trauma gets a little extra. and because she keeps it anonomous, it always leaves us guessing. and she is brilliant at it. nobody ends up feeling left out, it's just somebody always ends up leaving special- and it's a nice feeling.

i could go on for many, MANY more paragraphs as to why i love my dm, but i think i'll jest leave it saying this:

my dm is a creative genius, and i look forward to saturdays, 7pm, every day of the week, because of her. you really don't get enough credit for what you do!!

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