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Tonight, I definitely had more fun than my players did. This was session three of our new campaign and it had been a while since our last game. Everyone came ready to have a good time. Snacks, Japanese cheesecake, wine and plenty of beer. This was also a celebration of a friends birthday, hence the cheesecake.

The session began as all sessions do. Wrangling the cats and garnering their attention with bright lasers and frilly stick toys. A review is read, that I sometimes barely remember writing, and we pick up where that leaves off.

This session began in the midst of a town, post battle, fresh from the previous game. I had begun preparing for this game, as I do all games. Two to three days prior. I had been focusing on voices for my role-playing in the off time. I was feeling confident in keeping the accents and characters in nice separate compartments in my brain. I often fade in and out of accents as I'm not a practiced voice actor, although I'm getting better. So, the story lent right into me taking on my NPC's personas. The scene has an English and Scottish accent, which can be hard for me to separate, but I nailed it. I have a great feel for the characters as this is the second session I've played them in.

It's funny, even after knowing all my friends in the group for five to fifteen years I will still blush when messing up a character accent or when I bring out a new crazy character that really grabs everyone's attention.

The game progresses. I'm feeling great. I've smoked just the right amount of weed and have a nice buzz from the beers. I'm in the groove, swapping between NPCs and guiding the story along at a good pace. I'm thinking about pushing the group to a battle for some action, but the role-playing has been fun and my friends don't seem to mind indulging me. I decide to give them a busy crossroads on their long journey. The crossroads is filled with an impromptu flea market. I use this as an opportunity to improv a new character or two. A great roll is made in search of someone selling healing potions. I reward the roll with an NPC walking by with a couple potions strapped around his belt. The hint is taken and the player interacts. Out comes a shrill, high pitched, semi-elderly, very sassy gnome voice. This gnome proceeds to shut down all the talkers in the group and quickly make friends with the gentle, quiet Goliath. The Goliath, who is one of the quieter players in the group, seemed to enjoy the interaction. I lit up seeing that and pushed a mini role-play session. We engaged with our eyes and it was a brief moment where I felt we were both really embracing our roles. I was so happy in that moment I can just remember being proud.

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The night is getting late and I can see two people fading. My perfect moment to find a way to wrap the session up. I know a battle will take too long so I move up a peculiar looking hut that was supposed to show up further down the road. This hut contained a fortune teller who was to tell of a strange vision she had while reading one of their fortunes. Her voice is shrill and creepy. It immediately sends one of the players scurrying off muttering "nuh uh, no thanks to that", which gave me a deep chuckle of satisfaction. The other two players approached the hut as if their parents were scolding them for being out too late and yelling at them to come inside. At this point I'm reveling in their reactions and I hadn't even begun telling the fortune. I described the character bowing her head as she told the fortune so I role-played this. I stared down at my notes that ran me through the description of the vision she has while telling the players "fortune." The vision is ethereal and mysterious and is a several minute monologue. I find myself improving on many if my lines. Sometimes my table is at full attention and sometimes people wonder. Depriving myself of my sight allowed me to pinpoint my hearing. The table was silent. I either had all of their attention or they all fell asleep. I listened for a snore or laughter or something as I continued the monologue. The improvising was flowing but felt important. I was having so much fun and didn't even know if my players were paying attention.

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As all of our games end we ate, drank, laughed and enjoyed each others company for the next few hours. Now, I sit here, drunk, high on weed and high on an amazing night of DnD.

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