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DM needs help with his Magic The Gathering inspired campaign

Content of the article: "DM needs help with his Magic The Gathering inspired campaign"

Hi guys!

So I need your help. I’m DMing a MTG based campaing, happening in an alternate ending of War of the Spark – basically, Bolas had a trap for Ugin and killed his brother. The gatewatch where on the edge of losing, when Teferi (with the aid of other planeswalkers) was able to use all his energy to slow time and slowly separate the spark of Bolas, not killing it. They stored each mana on a different desert plane and used the strength of all the planeswalkers to assemble life on each of these planes. This process were too expensive to Teferi and he vanished in the air after. Because of time magic, each plane had 1000 years of history when only 5 years has passed since the War of the Spark. Now, the timelines are in the same pace of time and each mana of Bolas are awakening, trying to raise like an instinct.

My players don’t know ANY of this. They think they are in a generic plane where I use other Magic names as inspiration (the local government is the Sun Empire, they have a Llanowar forest, an Orzhov church that cults Serra and so on). Yeah, it is crazy but when all the process happened in War of the Spark, to create life they had to use their own memories. When it happened, imagine all this memories dormant in people’s minds. In their plane, the Blue mana of Bolas is trapped, alongside a dormant leviathan that now is an isle (yeah, Arixmethes feelings). The plane is flat (but our Earth isn’t) and there are Hedrons in the edges, so the plane is a giant Hedron prison to the Leviathan (Arixmethes). He is dormant but his mind is awake and he is the patron of two warlocks in the group. The Blue Mages (Tolarian version of this plane) are the ones responsible to keep the Leviathan dormant and Jace is the planeswalker responsible to keep watch of this plane.

In the East continent, 800 years ago we had an event very close to the brother’s war of Dominaria, but without the Phyrexian Invasion. It ended in an explosion and they were both dead. Fragments of powerstones exploded through all plane and they can be find anywhere.

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In the West continent, the Sun Empire rose with the idea that the regents descend from angels, though angels are rare nowadays. They worship Serra (they don’t know she is dead). The Orzhov church (aka Serra Church) rose to the point they are the second most powerful institution, behind the Empire. 400 years ago, in this plane storyline, the Church convinced the Empire to expand in a holy mission, to find sacred artifacts of Serra inside the lands of the Llanowar forest. They failed, when the Blue Mages intervened and uncovered a malicious plan inside the Church. In the present, the church is trying again to gain power, this time continuing and old project of 400 hundred years ago: use powerstone shards to energize an army of constructs. To protect their image, they are using a crime organization of thiefs and spies, the Dimir Syndicate (again, memories from other planes).

The group is level 6. They are:

– A male merfolk who found the leviathan as a patron and became free of his kind (in this plane, the sea merfolk are decadent, trapped in ocean caverns because Kiora wasn’t able to beat Thassa, and Thassa banned the merfolk from the sea as revenge). He is the original warlock of the group, in a journey to free people from chains and rise to power alongside his master.

– A male orc who originally is a lore bard. He is an anthropologist and found the group in an expedition. He most recently became an warlock to seek knowledge more freely, because the academy were too restrictive for him. But he still is a member of the academy and has an npc apprentice (level 4, sorcerer).

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– A male aasimar who is a Paladin of Tyr (one of the few D&D things I kept in the pantheon). His god is the patron of Knights in the East continent and he is one of the few that worship Tyr in the only monastery in the West continent. The monastery is investigating the actions of the Dimir and they dont truste theOrzhov Church.

– A female hafling who is a cleric at the Orzhov church. She is discovering the bad things the church did in the past and what it hides from it’s members. She is slowly losing her confidence (it is a journey to change her domain to grave, when she dies she will find out that Serra is dead and so on). Her master is a member of a secret group inside the church that knows the bad things about it and tries to clean it from inside, without other people discovering. She doesnt know it, but is close find out about this group.

We are in a part of the story where after passing through half the cities between the empire and the forest (a region called the Free Wastes), they discovered about the Dimir plans and are going to a place in the map that they will found later is an old Orzhov fortress where they were building the constructs, like a factory. It is the point where they will found the connection between the dimir and the church. This will also be a huge part on the game, probably the end of the first half of this campaign to stop the Orzhov church to gain power (My plans are this campaign will last until level 10, then I will introduce better the concept of multiplane and they will find out the truth about their plane and maybe about the leviathan, beginning a second campaign until level 20).

Right now, I’m stuck. I can’t find a good way to develop this dungeon-like fortress. And what will happen after the results of their visits. I don’t know if I change a bit of what is inside of it and change from orzhov ghosts to maybe orzhov people building the constructs. The second part of this campaing will probably be around the new war, so how can I make their actions matter in the results in this place?

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I’d like ur suggestions and thank anyone pacient enough to read all of this.

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