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DM new to 5e running a game for 5 people who’ve never played an RPG before

Content of the article: "DM new to 5e running a game for 5 people who’ve never played an RPG before"

TLDR Up Front:

My parents, future in-laws, and fiancé all want to play online. We are playing Phandelver. I need resources to help me explain basic concepts of rpgs to my parents, in-laws, and fiancé.


A few months back I was reading an article about how popular 5e has become. This made me fondly look back on my days of DMing 3.5. I mention this to my fiancé, and she says she always wanted to try RPG’s but never had the friends who were into it.

So, of course we played a quick one-shot. I picked All Flesh Must Be Eaten, and I found out there were a TON of basic RPG concepts I’ve just known for so long that it didn’t even occur to me that someone may not know them.

Anyway, despite me not being a good teacher on that one shot, she liked it a lot and wanted to play something more traditional- so after some quick research we found the starter set. Of course, Phandelver doesn’t work well with only one player and I didn’t want to run a DMPC.

Combine this with me racking my brain on how to spend more time with my parents- (mom is 69, dad is 71- so we’ve all been keeping our distance). It suddenly occurs to me, let’s invite my folks! Fiancé points out that there are 5 characters so we should invite her parents too.

They all said yes, and we sent them copies of the starter set. I cannot tell you all how absolutely thrilled and happy to do this. I have a great opportunity to spend some really wonder (virtual) time with my parents and in-laws (I’m very lucky, my in-laws are wonderful people).

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I figure I have one, maaaaybe two, sessions to convince the parents this is fun. I am so worried I am going to screw this up- because I won’t know what I need to explain. I need help, and it seems there is remarkably little information out there for people who are below 101 level.

Do you guys have any advice for me or have recommendations for videos I could send the parents?

Ps, I never ran 5e until this past Monday when I ran a game of DnD Duet with my fiancé, which might be contributing to my anxiety. For what it’s worth, First Blush (https://dndduet.com/first-blush/ )is a really fun way to kill 2.5-3 Hours with one person.

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