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DM running first campaign, player situation…. did I “overract”??

Content of the article: "DM running first campaign, player situation…. did I “overract”??"

Long winded, I apologize in advance. But input would be appreciated…. Roomie got me hooked… I have been playing TTRPG for 18 mos now. A cpl mos ago, I decided to try on DM. I planned an arc, and pitched to 6 of my friends (yes, a lot. However, their individual experience ranges from 10 yrs to 40 yrs. I was really the new kid on the block). When I decided to try the DM hat, roomie offered to backseat co-DM, which was awesome, as I had someone to talk to about tweeking the mod I was using. Players agreed to pregen characters for mod 1, and create for mod 2 (2nd lvl design). At that point, roomie said I had a good hold of it and created a pc….. all good….or so I thought. End of mod 1, players rolled stats for character creation. They had 2 weeks to build before sess zero and one. Asked them to give me why/how their pc was in town. Roomie pc…. in game Day 1 Afternoon… announced he was a bounty hunter and asked me for an NPC. Um, okay. After watching a ton of videos, the one constant was to have a dozen(ish) NPC's with brief backgrounds. Okay, got ya an NPC. Roomie spent rest of day watching the dock to see if npc would disembark off ferry. Day 1 Evening… Roomie decides to sit in a lonely corner in the inn's mess hall. I, as npc inn owner, asked the other pcs if I could introduce them to roomie. They take over (yay) the interaction. Day 2 Morning… as the party is getting ready to head out for their rescue mission (3-5 day mission), roomie announces that he is staying in town because he doesn't want to miss his chance to catch the bounty order. (It had been WELL explained that npc probably will show up sometime over the next 7 days (for the festival) and usually stays a few days after to visit with friends.) At this point, I told roomie that he could find another table for his dice. He decided to join the party after another pc offered to help find the npc once they returned….cost free. So…. did I overreact with telling roomie to find another table, or was he being an a$$? Is there another angle I am not getting that would have been better answer?? Thank you for wading through the long winded post.

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