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DM wants to nerf my 25 AC, is that fair?

Let me preface this by saying I don't outright disagree with my DM, but I still wanted to get some other opinions on this.

I am playing a Warforged Armorer Artificer, both the race and class being from Rising From The Last War, and the subclass still being Unearthed Arcana. I started the campaign at level 5 with 23 AC (19 from +1 Plate Armor, 3 more from a Shield with the +1 infusion, and 1 more from Warforged). I went for the Guardian model so I could make enemies attack me more often, as I was aiming for a Tank build. Additionally, I had the Shield spell, so I could make my AC 28.

After a few sessions, during our first loot haul, we found an Ioun Stone of Protection, which gave me a +1 to AC. A bit later, and we found Dwarven Plate which has a +2 to AC, putting me at 25 AC. It was around this time we hit level 6 as well. In summary, I have 25 AC, Shield, and my Thunder Gauntlet attacks force targets to have Disadvantage on targets other than myself when they hit. I also have 20 Con since I only needed Int (which was already 20) for attacking and spellcasting and had nothing else to put my ASI into giving me a large pool of hit points, supplemented by a small pool of Temp HP every turn as a Bonus Action with no cost.

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This morning, after last night's session, my DM messaged me, saying he would like to nerf my character, specifically his AC. In short, he feels I am doing too good of a job at tanking, and that combat was being trivialized. Recently, a monster that my DM said was supposed to be deadly (I don't know if he meant that as the Encounter Difficulty or not) was nearly trivialized, in part due to my high ability to tank. The battle only lasted around 4 turns. On one of them, it was forced prone and lost it's turn due to a failed Command save by one of our Warlocks. On the second turn, it attacked me with all of it's attacks due to Thunder Gauntlet, and hit with only of them. On the third turn, I missed both attacks, so it was able to attack the rest of the party, successfully swallowing our other Warlock and dealing good damage as well. Finally on the fourth turn, it's first attack targeted me due to Thunder Gauntlet, missed, and his second attack targeted our Tempest Cleric instead, choosing to simply take the Disadvantage, which hit, but the Cleric counterattacked with Wrath of the Storm, finishing it off. That monster was the only enemy in that combat, and to my knowledge, lacked legendary actions.

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In one battle before I got the Dwarven Plate but after hitting level 6, a large portion of the party went down fighting a homebrewed weaker Lich, but it was ultimately defeated without casualty. Also, during yesterdays session, somebody did go unconscious during a fight, albeit I was far from that portion of the map and was unable to make it there before the enemy was already dead.

So that brings me to my question. Is my DM being reasonable? Is 25 AC at 6th Level too much? Are other factors the real problem? How much of an AC nerf is reasonable (my DM only wants 2 points, putting me down to 23, done by somehow getting rid of the magic items I got)? How should the nerfing be handled in game?

tl;dr, I have 25 AC and several other potent defensive abilities and the DM feels monsters aren't doing enough damage to really stand a chance at being a threat, so the DM wants to nerf my AC.

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