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tldr; Is there already a sub/discord channel specifically for helping people to write homebrews? If there isn't, would people have any meaningful interest in joining one? Idea would be to simply brainstorm alongside other folks who have a general idea of what makes a fun DND game (or are interested to learn)

I know this sub is more about the 5E-specific nuts and bolts, so I'll be crossposting this elsewhere–feelings won't be hurt if it's removed from this particular sub.

But, in a story I am sure is pretty familiar, I usually DM based off of a WotC or dmsguild with some homebrew flavor, and things often go offbook so quickly and dramatically that it effectively becomes a homebrew campaign.

In another likely-familiar story, I'm usually lucky if I have a clear plan more than 1 session in advance. I know big beats (and even those get ruined sometimes) but I often have a session coming up with little to no idea the specific events that should occur during it. Sometimes I successfully cram in the days/hours/minutes preceding, sometimes I fuck it and do it live.

I'm wondering if there's a place to go and say "here are the big beats of the story I want to tell, here's a description of the PCs, here's what happened last session, what do you think should happen next session?" and receive input from people that have general understanding of 5E mechanics and what makes a fun session (or people who don't but are willing to shoot the shit in that specific context).

I'm obviously not looking to commission someone to write my dnd sessions, that'd murder the fun of being a DM. But it can be a lonely job where you're very concerned with people having fun, but can't really find a person to ask "does this sound fun and, if not, what does?" I'd love a dedicated place to crowdsource ideas, knowing that none will fit perfectly given that you can't (I don't think) convey the nuances of a DnD group over text, but hoping that something will spark some good ideas or help me scrap the bad. Also, I fucking love writing DnD and would love to throw ideas at anyone willing to hear them for their own campaigns.

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That's all, I sort of bet such a place exists already. But for all the rules and memes pages I've found, I personally am yet to find a writing community. If it doesn't exist I'd happily take steps to make one, assuming I'm not the only one that's interested.

If it does exist, let me know where it is please. Smiley face.

Thanks everybody

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